Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

FILIPINO YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAM (FYLPRO) is a network of high-performing, next-generation leaders who advance the Philippines and the Filipino people through their advocacy and expertise in various industries.
We continually expand the pipeline of Filipino young leaders in the diaspora. By connecting them to the motherland, we foster collaborative multinational relationships that create innovations and support the socio-economic progress of the global Filipino community.

Vision Statement

A thriving future for the Filipino people built upon the strength of our Filipino identity, our global community, and our connections with the Philippines.

Core Values

Integrity. Innovation. Inclusivity.


The Filipino American Youth Leadership Program (FAYLP) was established in 2012 by Former Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the USA, Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. and Mrs. Vicky Cuisia in cooperation with the Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) to annually identify outstanding young professionals in the Filipino communities across the United States and provide the delegates with invaluable community, business, and government insights and access to distinguished network captains of industry and government through an immersion trip to the Philippines.

After the success of three FYLPRO (acronym changed in 2013 for readability) annual immersion trips, select alumni from batches 2012 to 2014 and delegates from 2015 organized themselves during our first Strategic Planning in June 2015 to build an organization that will take on the immersion trip as its core program.

FYLPRO was officially incorporated in October 2015 in Nevada.

Since 2016, FYLPRO, the 501(3) non profit, works with the Philippine Embassy and the Consulates General in the United States and the Ayala Foundation annually to search for the most outstanding, next-generation Filipinos in the United States to participate in its distinguished Immersion Program in the Philippines through a memorandum of Understanding signed in 2016 and renewed in 2018 and 2021.

In 2020, FYLPRO completed its second Strategic Planning for 2021-2023 focusing on long-term sustainability and established its second program, Tayo, in response to the COVID pandemic. We also received our very first grant for Tayo that year.

In 2021, FYLPRO saw immense growth with two new programs - FYLPRCon, the Filipino Young Leaders Program Conference and our own Mentorship program; and three strategic operational directives for long term sustainability - (1) opening up leadership positions and membership to individuals who have not gone through immersion (non-alumni), (2) building and staffing committees and (3) transferring ownership of the immersion program from the DFA to FYLPRO through our MOU.

We will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary of immersion programs in 2022

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Our Story

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Message from The President

Dear Friends,

The year 2021 has been a year of tremendous growth amid unprecedented challenges.

We celebrated FYLPRO’s 9th year of immersion programming in August and having been actively involved since its inception to today, I've seen it go through so many changes. As one of the inaugural delegates, I was introduced to it as the Embassy’s project to outreach to the Filipino American youth in 2012. In 2015, I worked with many other alumni pivoting it as a startup nonprofit with big dreams of making an impact on the community.

Today, I am seeing it grow into a fully-fledged non-profit maturing its operations and programming -- despite, and in some way, because of the unique challenges we faced this year. Our post-covid virtual world allowed us to expand our reach nationally and internationally as we launched 2 new core programs. The lack of “new blood” because of the deferred immersion trip in 2020 catalyzed embracing individuals outside of our alumni pool to serve as Directors and Committee Chairs. We engaged non-alumni volunteers and by the end of the year opened up membership to everyone who align with our mission.

Together as a team, and with our strongest allies at the PH Embassy in Washington DC and AYALA Foundation and key partners, we turned CHALLENGES into OPPORTUNITIES and FYLPRO has emerged better and stronger because of it.

And, that was just the beginning.

In this Year-End Review, you will see many strategic directives we fulfilled for our long-term sustainability under 4 Pillars of Focus: FUNDRAISING, OPERATIONS, COMMUNITY IMPACT and ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT.

There was a lot of incredible work done by many hands and hearts this year, all of which lay a solid foundation of mission-driven programming and streamlined operations that set future leadership up for success.

Personally, my favorite wins for 2021 are (1) initiating sharing #FYLPROAlunniNews on our social media (2) facilitating getting the MOU signed in anticipation of the upcoming change in administration in the Philippine government (3) officially embracing everyone in our FYLPRO family and (4) spending time with many of you in Hawaii, San Francisco, Carson, Chicago and Washington D.C.

As we start our 10th year, I look forward to seeing how we all will work together to bring our organization to greater heights with Leezel at the helm, building upon the foundation we worked on last year and the years before.

I hope that we all will look back on this year with fond memories of the friendships we’ve made and lives we have touched through our humble cause.

It has been an honor serving as your FYLPRO 2021 President.

Hanggang sa muli,

Signature - Louella

Louella Rose Cabalona
President 2021



Reflecting on 2021, I fondly remember the few cherished moments of meeting in person -- breaking bread or over drinks, in official meetings or late night bonding. My mind is also filled with countless zoom meetings, email exchanges, chats and calls. I am always reminded that on the other end are some of the most extraordinary people in the community that chose to dedicate time and talent to fulfill our mission. It has been my privilege working with you and getting to know you along the way, Maraming Salamat! To Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez and AFI President Ruel Maranan, FYLPRO would not have existed if not for you and your organization’s unwavering faith in our mission over the years. I am humbled and grateful for your enthusiastic support of all the initiatives we championed together. Salamat po ng marami. To my Executive Committee: Leezel, Jean and Fred. Thank you for being my sounding board, my cheeleaders and constant Wednesday night company. I could not have made it through 2021 without you; To our Directors, salamat for being my biggest supporters and my source of wisdom for everything from parliamentary rules to the best place for late night cravings in DC; To Lakhi, Jen, Sergio, Lauren, Mike, and Mithi, I know you all became BOD to support me, I truly appreciate that. All the best in your new endeavors! To Joanna, thank you for saying yes in actively serving as Ex-Officio Director in 2021 (and 2022). I value the perspective you bring into our leadership group and I feel we are much more aligned with AFI as partners with your presence. To Bryan, Alvin, Annalisa (and Mithi too), you are the reason why I wanted FYLPRO leadership open to all. Thank you for sharing your expertise in the programs and decisions we tackled this year. Special thanks to Alvin for leading our Mentorship program and for engaging volunteers to join us, many of whom have played an important role to our success. To Jan Paul, thank you for everything you do for me and for this organization we love so much. I look forward to seeing all the great things you will do in the next few years. I could go on but … harley. To my dear Kit, I asked you to be my advisor when I took on this responsibility. You have given me and us so much more. For your support, NFP know how, boundless creativity, positivity, go-getter attitude, and for being right next to me in practically every important milestone of FYLPRO this year, Maraming Salamat! To VC Mark Lim, thank you for your friendship. It's no exaggeration if I say that none of the big plans we had this year with the PH Embassy would come to fruition without you. I am very glad you will be joining us

as Ex-officio director in 2022. To Minnie and Pau, our ever reliable Ates in Manila/AFI. You’ve had our back since the very beginning, with or without immersion. Happy our bond is only growing stronger through the years. To Sabrina, so glad to have met you this year (in person pa 2x)! Very excited you’re officially joining us (and Robbie too). More in text haha. To Jennifer, I will not forget you taking time to meet me in Carson. Thank you for all your help with FYLPRO this year. When time permits for you to come back, let’s work on the immersion program for all ages. To Frances, Bea, Rex, Alexa, Jihanne, Mark P., Mark C., Brian T., Issa, Krystle, TJ, NeilJohn, Jobel, Chachie and all volunteers and fellows. You are the heart of the programs and activities that made our 2021 an incredible year for FYLPRO. I am hoping your outpouring of service has showered blessings back to you in more ways than you expected. To alumni friends, Ryyn, Anthony, Meriden, Dondi, Bea R., JR, Joshua, Tyler, Jessica, Donny, Jhett, Ty, Steve, Jo, Kevin G., Earl, Kevin Z., Ray, Nicole, EJ, Anna Marie, Tony, Chris L., Mike V., Abbey, Marjorie, Elly, Char, Brandon, Christal, Everett and Antonio, I appreciate you for being an active part of 2021 whether hosting, organizing or guesting one of our events or meeting up with me in your cities or mine! You all are part of the great memories I have for this year. To our executive staff Joyce, Shane, Mariko, Lyka, and Jane, blessed to have you as part of the team this year. Because of you ladies, I was able to do more while also getting more time with my family. I cannot thank you enough. To Mae T., Beng S., Joseph F., Nerissa F., Pam C., Eric P., Zev M., Gail B., Tobi S., Wes Y, Mariles G., Ian S. Gen. Taguba and Tito Jon M, - thank you for your partnership! Looking forward to doing more together in 2022. To all speakers, our alumni, our donors, and participants of all our events this year, Maraming, maraming Salamat! To Lee, Carmen, Mama Sally, Lan, Jeck, Jo, Sheryl and everyone in our family, thank you for understanding the commitment I made that may have taken some time away from us. Especially to Mima Genia and Pipa Orlando, for supporting us at home and with Boom, I am forever grateful. Finally, to my husband, Baron, you are my strength and my inspiration, and you and Boom are my everything. I chose to bloom and grow where I am. Thank you for being my water and sunshine. Looking forward to celebrating our 10th + 1 years and many milestones in life together!



FYLPRO Conducts its First
Board Retreat in Hawaii

The 2021 Board of Directors had FYLPRO's first board retreat in Hawaii last June. The trip was patterned after FYLPRO's core immersion program that included meet and greets with local officials, businesses, and organizations of interest to Filipino American Community.


FYLPRO: Board Retreat 2021

FYLPRO Launches two new core programs

FYLPRO is proud to partner with the US-Asia Institute (USAI) to provide mentors for interns in its 2021 IMPACT! Filipino American professional development program which took place over the summer.

We plan to continue to expand our mentorship program by connecting our pool of successful alumni and members with like-minded organizations.

FYLPROCon is a three-day global virtual conference for young leaders to hear stories, look back and honor those who have paved the way for Filipinos around the world today, and harness the collective strength available to create positive changes in communities as we move forward. We launched FYLPROCon on November 4-6 of 2021.

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quote 4
fylpro summit
244498217_10159767527611926_1010533879364271004_n (1)

FYLPRO Receives its First
Award for Community Service

FYLPRO was honored with the Community Service Award at the City of Carson's 2021 #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth Celebration last October 2, 2021.

FYLPRO President Louella Rose Cabalona flew in from Chicago and accepted the award on behalf of FYLPRO.

FYLPRO opens up Membership to the General Public

In November 2021, the general membership voted to approve allowing non-participants of the immersion program (non-alumni) to become members of the corporation.

IMG_9341 (1)

FYLPRO signs Historic MOU taking ownership of the Immersion Program

On Dec. 6, 2021, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez, President Louella Rose Cabalona, Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) President Ruel Maranan and Senior Director Joanna Duarte virtually signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during the virtual year end meeting with Philippine Consulates General in the United States, and the Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of American Affairs.
The MOU also transfers the immersion program ownership which now will be in the hands of FYLPRO with support from the Philippine Embassy and Ayala Foundation.


2021 MOU Signing Press releases:
FYLPRO | Philippine Embassy in USA | AsianJournal | Philippine Daily Mirror


FYLPRO recognizes the inaugural FYLPRO Outstanding Service Awardee

We recognize our members, alumni, volunteers and fellows who have selflessly contributed their time and talents for our programs, various events and campaigns we launched and in strengthening our operations.

The first recipient of the FYLPRO Outstanding Service Award is Kit Zulueta Furukawa!


Read about all our nominees/awardee

4 Pillars of Focus:


Even the smallest gift of charity makes a huge impact.

Close up man hand arranging wood block stacking as step stair on paper pink background. Business concept growth success process, copy space.

Total Funds

From a goal of $30K operational funds, we raised $36.8k , nearly a one hundred percent (100%) increase from $18K last year

We also received grants and seed money totaling to $105.4k

These all combined we are at $142.2K which is a 200% increase from last year’s $48K.

Covid and Vaccine focused Grants

We won a number of Covid and Health related grants to support our work in combating Covid-19 and vaccine awareness.

269491037_4446009838841614_5941251938342786931_n (1)
Screenshot 2022-01-10 193636

Seed Money for DC Memorial

We received seed money to complete a Feasibility Study for a Filipino WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. to be completed by June 2022.

New Revenue Streams

Activating Stock Donations yielded one-time donation of 5K+
Directors and volunteers created Facebook Birthday Fundraisers for FYLPRO
We established our Annual Giving event to coincide with our anniversary celebration
Legacy Project Fiscal sponsorship brings in revenue while also supporting alumni projects
AmazonSmile allows our supporters to donate while shopping


Network For Good

Purchased a Donor Management System that allowed us to connect and stay in touch with over 750 active and potential donors (from originally just 84 alumni contacts).

Our 2021 free events also generated donations through NFG registrations

By the numbers


Total Funds Raised in 2021


Operational Funds


Covid and Health related Grants


DC Memorial Feasibility Seed Money


New Revenue Streams


Active NFG Donors


Subscribers/Potential Donors (from<100)


Legacy Project Fiscal Sponsorship

4 Pillars of Focus:


We prioritized our operations so we can accomplish our goals.

Build capacity so we can do more.

    • Searched and filled Director and Committee Chair positions with qualified non-alumni leaders

    • Sourced offshore staff and outsourced expert services

    • Established 11 committees based on key operational functions and programming goals

    • Engaged 35 volunteers and 27 Fellows to support committees

    • Invested in tools like NFG, QuickBooks, Airmeet for efficiency

quote 1_1

Standardize processes / eliminate pain points so we can do things efficiently.

    • Created standard Email Voting Process for swift and documented decisioning outside of Board meetings

    • Developed Policies - Logo Use, Sign On Letters, Give Get and Code of Conduct

    • Enabled Stock donations (pain point since 2017)

    • Standardized Online Events planning execution and trained executive staff on it

    • Established Give-Get accounting and self-reporting process

    • Created email distribution lists (e.g. alumni@ , committees@, etc)

    • Re-organized (Google) Drives for security and accessibility

    • Created “I want to” Forms (e.g. reimburse expenses, self report give get, proposal submission, etc)

Create documentation / build templates so we can do things consistently and get better after year

    • Standardized templates for important docs - Agreements (MOU), Board Agenda, Resolutions

    • Delivered monthly newsletters to keep our members updated

    • Catalogued organizational documentation - agreements, incorporation and IRS docs, immersion photos,

    • Established the first Annual Calendar with organization dates (e.g. July Anniversary, Quarterly Town Hall, Annual General Meeting, Tax submission deadline)

    • Updated financials accounting to surface revenue/expenses by Program

    • Create Board approved 2021 Annual Budget

    • Complete minutes (and recordings) of every Board and ECom meeting

    • All 2021 events are documented in website

    • First time bio of alumni was updated in website since each alumni’s immersion trip

    • Re-organized (Google) Drives for security and role-based access

Overseas voting

4 Pillars of Focus:


The monetary gifts we have been entrusted with is a reflection of how much our mission and our initiatives resonate with others, and the trust they have given us in fulfilling them.

2015-Service-Trip-2000x1200 (1)

Immersion Program

Every year, FYLPRO works with the Philippine Embassy and the Consulates General in the United States and the Ayala Foundation to search for the most outstanding, next-generation Filipinos in the United States to participate in its distinguished Immersion Program in the Philippines.

It has been a life changing and transformative trip for many of the 84 alumni thus far. It has led to the creation of many businesses, collaborations and partnerships serving Filipino and Filipino American communities.

However due to the COVID19 pandemic and considering the health and safety of our future delegates and DFA and Ayala partners, the program is deferred until it's safe to travel internationally.


Watch Immersion Program Recap: Batch 2012 | 2013 & 2015 | 2016 & 2017 | 2018 | 2019


From its launch last year Tayo continues on strong, providing access to culturally tailored information regarding Covid-19, vaccine awareness and mental health for Filipinos. With the support of foundations and funding government entities, we launched a Vaccine awareness public service announcement and viral dance video targeted at our Gen Z population and held a number of online events such as “The Power of Positive Parenting During Covid 19” and “COVID-19 Vaccine: Para sa aming pamilya webinar”.

Tayo also welcomed another class of fellows who also worked closely with the Tayo vaccine survey and research team to present at two national conferences: National Council of Well Being and the American Public Health Association.


Check out

FB-Cover-1920x1080-e1602653700157 - Cropped
Screenshot 2022-01-11 212815


FYLPROCon is a three-day global virtual conference for young leaders to hear stories, look back and honor those who have paved the way for Filipinos around the world today, and harness the collective strength available to create positive changes in communities as we move forward.

The very first Filipino Young Leaders virtual conference, FYLPROCon gathered close to 300 registrations and nearly 250 attendees across the 3 days, we had guests from the USA, Philippines, Canada, UAE, France, Guam, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain and UK, FYLPROCon was an affirmation of our resilience and commitment to fulfilling our mission of expanding the pipeline of Filipino young leaders and a welcome opportunity to embrace more Filipinos in the diaspora.


 Read More | Check out

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Mentorship Program

FYLPRO piloted its first ever Mentorship program partnering with US-Asia Institute (USAI) to provide mentors for interns in its 2021 IMPACT! Filipino American professional development program over the summer. Led by Director Alvin Adriano, we paired up 8 IMPACT! Program interns with leaders in the FilAm community in their field from our pool of alumni and our networks. Here from them directly at the “Inspiring Young Leaders Through Mentorship” Program Recap. (link the calendar event)


Read more... | Watch Mentorship Recap

gma poster

Here Now / Hear Now Virtual Panel Series

With the alarming increase of Anti-Asian hate incidents at the beginning of the year, we held a live online conversation, HERE Now/HEAR Now: Confronting Anti-Asian Hate in March in partnership with the Philippine Embassy and GMA Pinoy TV to address and bring awareness to these issues, demonstrate action in solidarity with the community and honor the victims and their families.

As a follow up to the highly successful #StopAsianHate online and televised event in March, we officially made HERE/HEAR NOW (Hear Now, Hear Now) an online forum series with HERE/HEAR NOW: Why Filipino Americans Count with guest CA Attorney General Rob Bonta highlighting the importance of disaggregating data among Asian communities to surface disparity in health and economic scenarios allowing the government and agencies to provide funding where it is most needed.

Watch: 3/26 Confronting Anti-Asian Hate | 8/11 Why FilAms Count | 11/6 The Diamond Dialogue

Watch: 3/26 Confronting Anti-Asian Hate | 8/11 Why FilAms Count | 11/6 The Diamond Dialogue

FYLPRO Arts Fest

Since 2019, FYLPRO has collaborated with Asian Pop-up Cinema and Chicago Asian Network to bring Filipino films to Chicago mainstream audiences.

Last October, for the very first time, Chicago FYLPRO alumni brought award-winning Filipino American Filmmakers. Michele Josue, Jhett Tolentino, Billy Dec, Actor Nar Cabico, and top comedians Rex Navarrete and JR De Guzman for FYLPRO Arts Fest celebrating Filipino American History Month with a film screening, panel on FilAms in Film and an all star comedy show. The event was also FYLPRO’s only in-person fundraising event.


Watch FYLPRO Arts Fest highlights | Read more

20211009_201611 (1)
Vaccination of senior person in hospital

Vaccine Clinic Pop-Ups and Health Fairs

During the first half of the year, we spearheaded and supported in person events in answer to Covid related issues such as the Feed the Frontliners drive, Defend Your Elders event, Vaccine Pop-up Clinics and Health Fairs in Los Angeles and in Chicagoland area


Read more

ModernaVax2PH Campaign

Last April, in answer to the PH Embassy's appeal for humanitarian assistance for the Philippines, FYLPRO created a toolkit for #ModernaVax2PH Campaign urging the community to write letters to the White House, U.S. representatives and senators or sign on to FYLPRO’s letter – asking them to urge President Biden to approve the immediate release of at least 3 million US Moderna vaccines, that have already been purchased, for the Philippines. This also prompted other partner organizations to start their own Vaccine campaign for the Philippines that brought vaccines and testing kits to the motherland.


ModernaVax2PH Toolkit

Press Releases: Rappler News | Manila Bulletin | Asian Journal

Covid-19 vaccination record card with vials and syringe.
Trish Villanueva (C) of Seattle holds a sign with the hashtag "stop AAPI hate" during the We Are Not Silent rally organized by the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Coalition Against Hate and Bias in Bellevue, Washington on March 18, 2021. - The shooting rampage in Atlanta by a 21-year-old white man that left six women of Asian origin dead has laid bare the fears of an Asian-American community on edge over a spike in hate crimes because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Jason Redmond / AFP) (Photo by JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images)

Statements and Press Releases

In March 2020, we released a statement calling for action and denouncing Anti-Asian Hate in response to the surge in violence against Asian Americans.


See all our Statements and Press Releases

By the numbers


core programs
FYLPROCon, Mentorship


(originally from < 100)


virtual and in person community events




media mentions


vaccine clinics
and health fairs


FYLPROCon Panels
on our YouTube


community service announcement videos

4 Pillars of Focus:


At the core of everything we do, we always find ways to engage and highlight our alumni.


This year we used our social media accounts to feature the personal achievements and legacy project updates of our own alumni
Over 450 #FYLPROAlumniNews posts on across all social media highlighted achievements of our alumni in Entrepreneurship and Business, Public Service and Leadership, Community, Education, Health, Social Issues, Mental Health, Culture, Finance and Technology

See Alumni’s achievements for 2021


45+ Alumni as featured speakers, hosts, expert guests

“Filipinos in Government” panel featured alumn such asi Kawaii County Managing Director Mike Dahilig, Hawaii Congress candidate Sergio Alcubilla III, Public City Public Works Commission Jessica Caloza, Arkansas Secretary of State Candidate Joshua Ang Price, and Queens City Council Steve Raga candidate

“How to do business in the Philippines” had Plentina CEO Kevin Gabayan, Panalo Solutions CEO JR Calanoc, Kawayan Collective Rey Villanueva as speakers.

Our HERE/HEAR NOW series featured Educator, Psychologist and author EJ Ramos David, Entrepinayship founder, Anna Marie Cruz, California Atty General, Chris Lapinig, Hawaii State Representative Ty Cullen, Educator and Spoken Word artist, Tony DelaRosa, Santa Barbara County Public Health, Assistant Deputy Director, and Ryyn Shumacher

Legacy Project Fiscal Sponsorship

For the first time, FYLPRO executed its first Fiscal Sponsorship agreement benefiting the Council of Young Filipino Americans in Mediine (CYFAM) that was founded by 2 alumni, Dr. Melissa Palma (2018) and Dr. Antonio, Moya (2019)


CYFAM Bagong Simula


Quarterly Town Hall / AGM

To ensure that our alumni and members are abreast of the different events year-around, we established quarterly town hall meetings with the final one in the 4th quarter doubling as our Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting.


April| June | September | November

9th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 9 years of Immersion programs and our milestones from a startupl nonprofit, we held an 5 day online anniversary event guesting all 5 past presidents Bea Querido-Rico, Kit Zulueta-Furukawa, Dondi Leonidas Quintans, JR Calanoc, and Joshua Ang Price and key alumni.

The annual giving fundraiser that coincided with our celebration generated $2,240 for FYLPRO


See our 9th Anniversary Celebration FB Live

Untitled design (3)

Alumni Check-Ins and Movie Nights

Alumni Engagement Committee organized 1 on 1 check ins and movie nights with alumni throughout the first half of the year.

In cooperation with Professional Filipino American Youth, we also brought ‘The Debut’ to new generation in special screening and Q & A with film director, Gene Cajayon as part of our alumni engagement events in June.


Watch the Q&A with Director Gene Cajayon

By the numbers


#FYLPROAlumniNews posts
(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)


featured in events


alumni engagement events


one on one alumni
check ins

Our People






Chair Fred Docdocil Members Mary Rafa Jihanne Hosmillo Anna Aller (1)






Alumni Engagement & Legacy Projects


Chair Fred Docdocil Members Mary Rafa Jihanne Hosmillo Anna Aller (1401 x 500 px) (4)






Community Partners Engagement




Communications & Marketing


Chair Fred Docdocil Members Mary Rafa Jihanne Hosmillo Anna Aller (1401 x 500 px)



Our Supporters


Tobi Solidum


Work in Progress

Our Future:

Looking forward to 2022


What 2021 President Louella looks forward to

    • Bylaws Amendments that adapt to the needs of our rapidly growing organization

    • Closer Collaboration with existing and new partners

    • Growth in Membership who are deeply engaged and aligned with our mission

    • Long-Term Sustainability with continued focus on building capacity, standardizing operations and documentation

    • Deeper Alumni Engagement with FYLPRO offering fiscal sponsorship, collaboration opportunities, services and perks


2021 President Louella’s Turnover Report

Read More


Jan 16 - Together sa Tayo

Jan 29 - FYLPRO Helps Deliver Over 400 Meals to Filipino Community’s Seniors

Feb 13 - The power of positive parenting during COVID19

Mar 25 - Anti-Asian Hate Statement: FYLPRO Denounces Anti-Asian Hate and Calls for Action

Mar 26 - HERE/HEAR NOW: Confronting Anti-Asian Hate

Mar 31 - Valentine's Date Night with FYLPRO

Apr 1 - FYLPRO Alumni Townhall

Apr 22 - Moderna Vax to PH: FYLPRO Calls on US Gov't to Expedite Release of Initial Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines Purchased by the PH

May - Jun 30 - FYLPRO 1K Challenge Annual Membership Drive

Jun 5 - FREE Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Carson

Jun 7 - Aug 6 - Mentorship Program: FYLPRO partners with US-Asia Institute to provide FIlipino American mentorship

Jun 26 - FREE Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Carson

Jun 27 - FREE Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Padre Pio/St. Hilary's Parish

Jun 18 - 25 - FYLPRO: Board Retreat 2021

Jun 24 - FYLPRO: June 2021 Members Town Hall

Jun 29 - The Debut Movie Screening: FYLPRO and PFAY Bring to new generation in special screening and Q & A with film director

Jun 29 - The Debut Movie Screening: FYLPRO and PFAY Bring to new generation in special screening and Q & A with film director

Jul 7 - Nine Young Leaders Selected To Serve As FYLPRO Summer 2021 Tayo Fellows

Jun 18 - FREE Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Padre Pio/St. Hilary's Parish

Aug 11 - HERE/HEAR NOW: Why FIlipino Americans Count: A Conversation on Disaggregated Data

Aug 12 - PSA Viral Dance Video

Aug 23 - 27 - FYLPRO 9th Anniversary: Annual Giving

Sep 24 - USAI – FYLPRO Mentorship Recap

Sep 25 - CYFAM Bagong Simula Fiscal Sponsorship

Sep 30 - FYLPRO: September 2021 Members Town Hall

Oct 2 - FYLPRO recognized with the Outstanding Community Service Award In Filipino American History Month Kick Off at City of Carson

Oct 9 - FAHM Filipino Filmmakers: FYLPRO to launch Filipino Arts Festival featuring Akin Ang Korona Screening and Comedy Show

Oct 17 - Tayo First Year Anniversary

Nov 4 - 6 - FYLPROCon

Nov 6 - HERE/HEAR NOW: Diamond Dialogue at FYLPROCon

Nov 30 - FYLPRO Giving Tuesday

Nov 30 - FYLPRO Annual General Meeting 2021

Dec 2 - 5 - FYLPRO Elections

Dec 6 - Year End Reporting and MOU Signing @PH Embassy

Dec 16 - Christmas Party

Dec 21 - Typhoon Odette relief campaign


Jan 11 - FYLPRO Fellows to host Together sa Tayo community event

Jan 30 - FYLPRO Helps Deliver Over 400 Meals to Filipino Community’s Seniors, Frontliners and the Unemployed Through Its Caretaker Project

Mar 13 - FYLPRO Announces 2021 Board of Directors

Mar 25 - Anti-Asian Hate Statement: FYLPRO Denounces Anti-Asian Hate and Calls for Action

Apr 22 - FYLPRO Calls on U.S. Government to Expedite Release of Initial Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines Purchased by the Philippines

May 24 - FYLPRO and Community Partners Offer Free Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic in Carson, California

May 26 - FYLPRO announces call for 2nd Cohort of Tayo Fellowship Program

Jul 7 - 9 Young Leaders Selected To Serve As FYLPRO Summer 2021 Tayo Fellows

Jul 20 - FYLPRO and PFAY Bring ‘The Debut’ to new generation in special screening and Q & A with film director

Jul 31 - FYLPRO and Community Partners Offer Free Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic in Carson, California and Chicago, Illinois

Jul 31 - FYLPRO 9th Anniversary Annual Giving

Sep 3 - FYLPRO 2021 immersion trip deferred; FYLPROCON launches in November

Sep 10 - FYLPRO partners with US-Asia Institute to provide Filipino American mentorship

Sep 27- FYLPRO to launch Filipino Arts Festival featuring Filipino Filmmakers Panel, Akin Ang Korona Screening and Comedy Show

Oct 12 - Aika, Tricia and Jill Robredo confirmed as keynote speakers for FYLPROCon 2021

Oct 21 - Breakout session topics announced for FYLPROCon; mental health at the forefront

Nov 2 - Filipino leaders, influencers tackle deep conversations on US-Philippines relations in The Diamond Dialogue

Nov 19 - Leadership sought for 2022 FYLPRO Board of Directors, nominations now open

Dec 15 - FYLPRO, Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. and Ayala Foundation Inc. Extend Partnership


by Kit Zulueta-Furukawa


Online conference FYLPROCon sparked meaningful conversations

Students, young professionals and special guests gathered online on Nov. 4-6, 2021 for the Filipino Young Leaders Conference or FYLPROCON. 

FYLPRO is the main organizer of the event, along with its partners the Philippine Embassy in the U.S. and Ayala Foundation.

The three-day event became an opportunity for young leaders to discuss issues on civic engagement, business and technology, culture, education and personal health. More than 300 participated online via platform Airmeet, on 3 plenary sessions, 25 breakout sessions and 25 vendor and partner booths.

Some rooms that offered great discussions included topics on the upcoming Philippine elections and voter participation, a celebration of Filipino food in a friendly battle between Sinigang versus Adobo, Filipino Christmas traditions around the world, doing business in the Philippines and breaking the stigma in Filipino mental health. There was a live virtual tour of Intramuros, a cooking demonstration, and an all-female Filipino judges panel.

Keynote speakers included Aika, Trish and Jill Robredo, daughters of Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo, who shared about what leadership meant to them growing with both parents in public service. San Diego community organizer Francine Maigue shared her story about her battle with cancer and inspired the audience on what it means to have the right attitude amidst adversity. From Los Angeles, Atty. Francis Papica shared his story from his humble roots in Goa, Camarines Sur, to having more than 800 scholars under his foundation today. 

Days 1 and 2, which were sponsored by TFC, also featured TJ Manotoc, Myx VJ Samm, Ginger Cornejo-Saab and DJ Marlino, along with TFC International reporters and personalities. The Perkins Twins and Tita Che (Jeppy Paraiso) also provided entertainment for the plenary sessions.

A panel discussion about the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and the Philippines was featured on Day 3, which was sponsored by GMA Pinoy TV. The speakers include Tito Jon Melgrito, Dr. Tess Mauricio, Dr. EJ David, Hawaii State Rep. Ty Cullen, TV Host Donna Reyes, Atty. Lou Tancinco, Nico Aquino from YSEALI and creative artists King Marie and Kristine de los Santos. An in-depth discussion was facilitated by FYLPRO’s Ryyn Schumacher and Annalisa Burgos.

The event was also made possible by its session partners - the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, Kumu, SoCal Filipinos, Filipino Storytime Seattle, Filipino Fridays Podcast, Filipino Food Movement, Ayala Museum, National Filipino American Lawyers Association, Afire Chicago, Suyomano, PSDI, Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Washington D.C., Panalo.Co, Kawayan Collective, Plentina, Council of Young Filipinx Americans in Medicine, Dr. Abby Hamilton and Samasama Project.

FYLPROCon’s major sponsors also include Mabuhay Federal Credit Union and the Coalition of Filipino American Chamber of Commerce.

In lieu of FYLPRO’s annual immersion program, which brought young leaders to the Philippines on a week-long learning experience that has been cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic, our mission to strengthen the bridge between the US and the Philippines remains strong.



  • Kit Zulueta Furukawa, Chair
  • Louella Cabalona, FYLPRO
  • Mark Lim, Philippine Embassy
  • Minnie Montano, Ayala Foundation
  • Angelica Trinidad
  • Chris Franco
  • Frances Maher
  • Fred Docdocil
  • Irene Rafols
  • Jane Aquino
  • Jean Gavina
  • Jen Trafficanda
  • Joyce Fungo
  • Julie Quibuyen
  • Lakhi Siap
  • Leezel Tanglao
  • Pau Balmes
  • Rex Marcelino
  • Ryyn Schumacher
  • Sabrina Sayoc
  • Shanen Fleur
  • William Chen



  • 288 Registrations
  • 244 Attendees
  • 85% turnout


  • 177 - United States
  • 50 - Philippines
  • 8 - Canada
  • UAE - 2
  • France, Guam, HongKong, New Zealand, Spain and UK - 1 each


  • 3 Plenary Sessions: TFC, iWant TV, Myx, Kollective Hustle, GMA Pinoy TV
  • 25 Breakout Sessions



Session partners:

  1. NaFFAA
  2. Kumu
  3. SoCal Filipinos
  4. Filipino Storytime Seattle
  5. Filipino Fridays Podcast
  6. Filipino Food Movement
  7. Ayala Museum
  8. NFALA
  9. Afire Chicago
  10. Suyomano
  11. PSDI
  12. POLO DC
  13. Panalo.Co
  14. Kawayan Collective
  15. Plentina
  16. CYFAM
  17. Dr. Abby Hamilton
  18. Samasama Project




  1. iWant TFC
  2. BINIBINI New York
  3. Cambio & Co.
  5. Lu France Interiors
  6. Ayala Foundation Inc.
  7. Dear Dr. Abby
  8. Para Sa'Yo
  9. Philippine Embassy in the U.S.
  10. Mabuhay Credit Union
  11. Prizm Nails
  12. My E Three / Misha Media
  13. GMA Pinoy TV
  14. Tayo
  15. My Own EVA
  16. Kawayan Collective
  17. Travelwise International
  18. YSEALI Emerging Leaders Hang Out
  19. SamaSama Project
  20. Fresh Day Skin care
  21. US-Asia Institute
  22. COFACC - (Airmeet sponsor)
  23. Consular Services
  24. Filipino Fridays Podcast
  25. Suyomano

Mentorship Program

by Alvin Adriano

FYLPRO -USAI Mentorship Program

The With 2021 being a pivotal year for FYLPRO to expand its reach, we wanted to make sure that we were able to share our alumni' insights and experience to foster greater engagement and representation for the Filipino-American community in government, policymaking, advocacy, and community engagement. Our Mentorship program was aimed to provide context and allow mentees to think about values, beliefs, strengths, interests, and how these things impact their professional choices and decision-making.

During this 9 week program, mentors and mentees were able to to gain a firsthand look at the American government and political system in Washington DC, to engage civically, and to reflect on the role they, as future leaders, might play in strengthening the US-Philippine relationship. Mentors provided support and assistance for mentees to socialize into new roles or organizations, learn professional norms of behavior, and guide them through long-term career planning.

Within the structure of the program, mentors and mentees engaged in a series of meaningful conversations that focused on identifying challenges and dangers for each mentee, expanding their professional network, managing risks and exploring opportunities to enhance specific skills and competencies. Our ideal mentoring relationship involves some degree of reciprocity and mutuality, where the partnership is always a collaborative venture with mutual benefit to the mentor and mentee.

We were excited to create 8 mentorship relationships that encompasses a wide range of industries from public affairs and government to healthcare, technology and medicine.

With the success of our mentorship program we hope to create awareness for FYLPRO and build a pipeline for successful Filipino leaders to align with our organization.

mentor mentee

“Jean was able to prepare me not only professionally, but also personally. She encouraged me to dig deep inside to find out my strengths and weaknesses and push me to talk to more people.”

- Reanna Felix, 2021 Mentee

“Really be open-minded about the experience, it is definitely a way to give back.. It’s not only a positive experience for the mentees, but also for the mentors.”

- Jean Gavina, 2021 Mentor

“What I really liked about this Mentorship program was that we had different levels of relationships with the mentees and it evolved into a friendship.”

- Brian Tajo, 2021 Mentor

Alumni Highlights

Entrepreneurship and Business:


JR Calanoc (Batch 2012) CEO, Panalo Solutions launches a new co-working space at the third floor of the Philippine Center in San Francisco in coordination with the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco, the Philippine Trade & Investment Center-Silicon Valley, and the Philippine Center Management Board.


Nico Barawid's (Batch 2013) company Casai was featured in ShortTermRentalz on the launch of its new domestic product, Getaways by Casai.


Kevin Gabayan (Batch 2015) and Earl Valencia's (Batch 2019) startup Plentina raise $2.2M seed round. Plentina launched in the Philippines in October 2020 and has been downloaded more than 30,000 times. Its merchant partners include 7-Eleven Philippines and Smart Communications, a telecom provider with more than 70 million prepaid subscribers. Plentina uses machine learning models to gauge the creditworthiness of loan applicants.


Kit Z. Furukawa (Batch 2012) awarded Young Filipino Entrepreneur of the Year by the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. Kit is the owner of Mystery Maui, an escape room in Wailuku, Maui.


Anna Marie Cruz (Batch 2015) was featured in an article for Hunker, where she talks about how Entrepinayship came to be, the biggest challenges female entrepreneurs have always faced, and what her home office looks like.


FYLPRO 2015 delegate and Plentina CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Gabayan was included in the Forbes and Square Next 1000 list that showcases sole proprietors, self-funded shops and pre-revenue startups. Gabayan founded Plentina with FYLPRO delegate 2019 Earl Valencia.

Public Service and Leadership:


Philjay Somera Solar (Batch 2019) was recently featured by the Commonwealth Seminar in a seminar spotlight.


Jason Tengco (Batch 2014) appointed to the Biden-Harris Administration.


Mark Calaguas (Batch 2016) elected president of FALA Chicago. Mark also serves as Product Counsel for Tayo Help Desk


Noel Aglubat (Batch 2016) was elected co-president of Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Metro NY Chapter

Chris Lapinig (Batch 2016) elected to the Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats (PALAD)

Chris Lapinig (Batch 2016) elected to the Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats (PALAD)  2021-2022 board secretary. FYLPRO 2015 delegate Jessica Caloza is the immediate past president. She served as president in 2020-2021.


Melissa Apuya (Batch 2012), a district director for Assembly Member Marc Levine, San Rafael, is a North Bay Business Journal 2021 Forty Under 40 winner.


Major Charlynne “Char” McGinnis (Batch 2018) was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force on May 3, 2021.


Honorable Judge Rizza O'Connor (Batch 2019) was highlighted in Georgia Courts Journal for #aapiheritagemonth. Judge O’Connor has served as the Chief Magistrate for Toombs County since November 2013. Upon her swearing-in, Judge O’Connor became the first Filipino American to serve as judge in Georgia.


Frederick Alain Docdocil (Batch 2019), FYLPRO treasurer, for being sworn into the City of Carson, CA #Planning Commission on June 7.

Josh Price

Josh Price (Batch 2018) has been named a TOFA Awardee (politics). Joshua Ang Price was the first Filipino American and Asian American elected in Pulaski County. #TOFA2021 FYLPRO, FYLPRO 2021 President Louella Cabalona, FYLPRO 2015 delegate Jessica Caloza and FYLPRO board member Bryan Ramos were nominated for a TOFA award.


Lauren Lalicon (Batch 2018), FYLPRO board member, was featured in TFC's story, "Fil-Am behind New Jersey Governor's reelection campaign"

TJ Simba-Medel (Batch 2019)

TJ Simba-Medel (Batch 2019) was selected as the first Filipino American delegate of the New Leaders Council's Arkansas Chapter.



2021 President Louella Rose Cabalona appeared on KITV4's Good Morning Hawaii to talk about how FYLPRO is connecting Filipino Americans with the Philippines so they can develop projects and businesses that help both communities.


FYLPRO was honored with the Community Service Award at the City of Carson's 2021 #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth Celebration last October 2, 2021. FYLPRO President Louella Rose Cabalona flew in from Chicago and accepted the award on behalf of FYLPRO.


Frederick Alain Docdocil (FYLPRO Treasurer) served as the Vice-Chairperson for the FAHM-Itliong Planning Committee. Council of Young Filipinx Americans in Medicine was honored with the Heroism award. Dr. Antonio Moya (Batch 2019), and Tayo Help Desk research team member Neille John Apostol accepted the award on behalf of CYFAM.

Untitled design (5)

Tayo Project Director Leezel Tanglao (Batch 2019) and Tayo Product counsel and Mark Calaguas (Batch 2016) (representing AFire Chicago) participated in Fil-CHA’s PSST podcast on community organizing in the diaspora along with Search to Involve Pilipino Americans and Kalusugan Coalition.


Gregory Cendana (Batch 2012) launched #BeTheBossNow Inaugural Cohort. Take the power of #BeTheBossNow another step further by joining our cohort starting in January!

Education and Health:

158437328_3590645857711354_5493313613141747325_n (1)

Tony DelaRosa (Batch 2018) was featured in TheFilAm article, "Educator Tony DelaRosa on why U.S. classrooms need more male teachers of color."


EJ David (Batch 2017) was recently named a recurring host on Alaska Public Media (AKPM) local, weekly radio program Hometown, Alaska. He'll host one show episode each month.


Tony DelaRosa (Batch 2018) M.Ed (he/siya) was featured in AARP's AAPI Spotlight.

Antonio Moya

Tayo Help Desk Professional Reviewer Dr. Antonio Moya (Batch 2019) and Tayo Senior Advisor Dr. Joyce Javier were interviewed by Asian Journal as frontliners who recently received their second COVID19 vaccine doses.


Francine Maigue (Batch 2012) shares her story with Sharp Health Care in hopes being open about her experience and educating the South Bay community on this option will help prolong life and inspire hope.

Social Issues and Mental Health:


On April 1st, 2020 FYLPRO President Joshua Price (Batch 2019)TJ Simba-Medel and Krystle Canare (Batch 2019) joined the Urban League of Arkansas, Arkansas United and other partners in the announcement of “AR United Against Hate”.


Philjay Solar (Batch 2019) of the Asian American Commission met with Boston Police and MA State Police, Lt. Detective Dear and Boston Deputy Superintendent Chin, the highest ranking Asians within their departments. They shared how their departments are responding to the increased hate crimes against Asians and the community building they have been working on.

Untitled design (4)

E.J. Ramos David (Batch 2017), Krystle Canare (Batch 2019) and TJ Simba-Medel (Batch 2019) participated in Asian Mental Health Collective's #TransformASIAN virtual event on January 30th, 2021


jo boston

Jo Boston (Batch 2016) launched “The Secret Sauce with JoBoss” which dives into what inspires these Filipinos and Filipino-Americans who are thought-leaders in the food and beverage industry. ⁣


Ryann Michele (Batch 2017) is part of the cast of William & Mary Theatre and Dance's THE UNTETHERED: Homecoming 2020 (HEALING & BELONGING: THEATRE AS FAMILY). This never-before-seen live online event series features performances of song, dance, spoken word and monodrama exploring the quest of diverse artists.


Gregory A. Cendana (Batch 2012) of Can't Stop Won't Stop Consulting for Conscious Conversation on Instagram

EJ David (Batch 2017) was interviewed for a Los Angeles Times story on

EJ David (Batch 2017) was interviewed for a Los Angeles Times story on "How the Philippines’ colonial legacy weighs on Filipino American mental health," by journalist Agnes Constante. This is part of a series of stories on Filipinos and mental health.

Finance and Technology:


Melissa Dargan's (Batch 2013) YouTube series on personal finance. Learn what house hunting is like during pandemic.

FYLPRO 2012 delegate and 2021 President LouellaRose Baron TheMahals Cabalona is a panelist for General Assembly Data Week Women in Data panel on May 21 at 12pm ET. Join GA for a live

2021 President Louella Rose Cabalona (Batch 2012) was a speaker for General Assembly’s Data Week Women in Data panel on May 21 at 12pm ET. The panel featured women who are successfully navigating the tech industry and developing exceptional work while motivating change.