Get Involved in the COVID-19 Task Force’s Caretaker Project!


FYLPRO is looking for individuals who want to focus their talents to help the Filipino American community navigate the COVID-19 health crisis.

The Caretaker project is launching a web help desk, “Tayo” designed for seniors, unemployed individuals, and front line workers with information to make decisions to safeguard their health and well being during the pandemic. Firmly believing that we are the agents of change, and the custodians of our own community, FYLPRO and the Caretaker project is mobilizing experts, content creators, and service providers in the areas of medicine and medical research, mental health, government assistance and response, transportation, and social services to provide credible, timely, and community-specific information.

Tayo will launch a pilot which will run from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and will focus on the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Through the pilot, we aim to estimate the need for such information for the Filipino American Community, identify strategies to make such information more accessible, and to assess the further needs of the target population relative to the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon completion of the pilot, we plan to seek funds to continue and improve upon the project for roll out in other parts of the country.

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Subject Matter Experts: FYLPRO alumni who have expertise in the following areas: medical, mental health, business, immigration, housing, transportation.

If interested, please fill out this form: 

Content Fellows

Application Form due 10/1/20 7PM EST; rolling submissions & acceptance

Fellow Job Description

As a Content Fellow, your goal will be to create relevant information to help Filipino Americans safeguard their health, well being, and economic security during the pandemic.  You will play the vital role of identifying important information and creating content that makes it understandable, accessible, and actionable for our target population- Filipino seniors and their caregivers, unemployed Filipinos, and Filipino Frontline Workers.

Expert Panelists

Panelist Form – due 10/1/20 7PM EST; rolling submissions & acceptance

Expert Panel Job Description

As an Expert Panelist, you will provide guidance and direction to a team of researchers and content developers, to create and update Tayo’s help center. 

The help center contains short-form articles in a Q + A format and through weekly meeting’s you’ll advise us in tracking important developments, review content and approve content related to your area of expertise, and lend your credibility to the platform.