Spot any misleading posts recently? Report them via our Tayo tipline form

Have you seen misinformation and disinformation in your own Filipino American community in the United States? The Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO), a non-profit organization that provides advocacy programs and services to Filipinos all over the world is looking for YOUR HELP.

FYLPRO wants to identify what issues are of utmost importance to Filipino Americans in the US and figure out how they are talking about it and what they are saying. If you have seen any examples of misinformation and disinformation both online and in-person, fill out this form.

This project is an extension of  Tayo, which provided vital, trustworthy, and culturally relevant information to help Filipinos navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Misinformation: False or misleading information, unintentionally, presented as fact. When one believes something is accurate, but in reality, it is not.

*Disinformation: False or misleading information purposefully distributed. When one knows something to be untrue but shares it anyway.

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