Message to FYLPRO Committees: Happy May 4th to all of you

Hello everyone!

Today is National Renewal day!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, renewal is defined as “the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again: the state of being renewed.” Timed in the middle of spring when plants are sprouting, the day strives to reinvigorate us after a long winter.

I want to take a moment today to lift up these folks who have been planting the seeds for a successful 2021 for FYLPRO. We want to send virtual applauses and kudos to the great work you are doing. We hope reinvigorate ourselves and each other knowing we are part of a bigger team working towards the same goal and that it is all coming together for a united purpose of ensuring FYLPRO’s sustainability for the decades to come.

Thank you very much to…

Alvin Adriano
Alexa Alfaro
Krystle Canare
Mark Calaguas
Jen Coliflores
Mary Lou Cunanan
Chris Franco
Kit Furukawa
Jihanne Lizza Hosmillo-Williams
Everett Icao
Lauren Lalicon
Melissa Palma
Mark Payumo
Beatrice Shakkal
Brian Tajo
Anthonie Tumpag

Alvin as Chair of the Volunteer Management and Mentorship committee is gearing up to launch USAI Mentorship this summer. He is also getting more volunteer manpower for all committee.

Alexa was instrumental in creating the #ModernaVax2PH toolkit that is the foundation of the campaign that aims to help expedite vaccines to the Philippines. She also was a key contributor for the Here/Hear Now event with GMA. As Co chair for Communications and Community Partnerships and member of Finance, she’s one of the busiest committee volunteer we have.

Krystle is representing Tayo in NatCon21 and has built a leadership training series tailored specifically for Tayo Fellows

Mark C. helped us get Tayo patented at the beginning of the year as legal counsel for Tayo/Covid Task Force. He also took the lead on drafting the our official statements for #StopAsianHate and letters to govt leaders for #ModernaVax2PH.

Jen as Chair of our Bylaws and Policies committee has in the first half of the year helped us create 3 key org policies that help us streamline operations so we can respond more in an agile fashion to our stakeholders. She has also, with the help of our Kit and Sergio, guided the BOD in passing important resolutions so that our BOD can make strategic decisions for the good of the organization that is in line with our bylaws

Mary Lou is our energetic co-Chair for Virtual Leadership Conference. She’s a firestarter and a go getter. She’s brought a lot of great ideas for SuyoMano x FYLPRO we are working on and I know the same will carry over focusing on the conference.

Chris is co leading building the technology infrastructure for FYLPRO with Network For Good CRM, AirMeet and applying best practices for GSuite Administration. They’re gonna be an essential tech super admins in our all programs.

Kit is our all around superwoman with a friendly ate demeanor. She is co-Chairing the Virtual Leadership Conference with Mary Lou. Between both of them and our superstar ECOM, I am super confident our our conference will be a spectacular success! Oh and she’s also helping our Board of Directors have a great and productive retreat in June!

Jihanne is our super organized fundraising czar. She’s tackling updating our sponsorship package, gearing up for multiple fundraising events and even testing new ground with offering corporate experiences through our org and govt grants.

Everett and Lauren are our solid Alumni Engagement team, conducting alumni check-ins to help us learn what our alumni are up to and to also share with them our programs (such as the mentorship, virtual conference and Corp experience fundraising, etc.) They’ve initiated a couple of movie nights already and is working to have another APAHM movie night end of May.

Issa is a wonder woman with a grant grabbing lasso for Tayo. She’s also heading the operations of the CDC survey rolling out soon

Mark P. has been a great contributor for our Comms stepping in where he sees gaps. He’s also co-leading the technology and innovation committee focusing on utilizing our website more effectively.

Beatrice is our Community Partnerships co-Chair, I’m looking to strengthen our partnerships with every Consulate in every region and other orgs through the committee.

Brian is leading Tayo’s strategic planning focused on scaling operations. He’s spearheading volunteer staff search, a fellows search and finding funding for an operations manager for Tayo.

Anthonie is leading the organizational documentation – digitizing and archiving important artifacts from our core immersion programming and our history as a non profit. The outputs of his foundational work can greatly enhance core operational functions reporting to stakeholders, fundraising and marketing to future delegates. It will also be a highlight in our virtual Young Leaders conference in November.

With all of this happening concurrently, I can only thank our supportive and hard working ECOM with VP Leezel, Secretary Jean and Treasurer Fred for being effective ECOM Liasons for our committees and collectively ensuring our core non profit operations are running, remaining responsive to our Board, alumni and members.

As it is also Teachers Appreciation Week, I want you to know that working with each one of you and this entire experience of serving FYLPRO has been a great learning experience in being a better listener, collaborator, servant-leader and an active contributor in the global Filipino community we are all passionately serving. Thank you to each one of you for being my teacher and I look forward to phenomenal milestones with you in 2021.

I’m sure I’ve missed someone not part of the board who is helping us move forward in FYLPRO. This are accomplishments and good news within my radar. If I did, please let me know, I’d like to make sure that everyone’s effort in this organization is duly recognized.

May the fourth be with you!

PS not to late to reach out to our government leaders to send #ModernaVax2PH

Take Action: #ModernaVax2PH Campaign to Speed Up Delivery of Doses Tool Kit