2023 Tayo Fellowship Program: Applications Now Open

Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) Tayo unit is seeking its fourth cohort of fellows to join the ongoing operations of Tayo and engage in a new initiative dedicated to training young Filipino American leaders how to hold courageous conversations in their communities and combat anti-Asian violence. The fellowship is a virtual program and will run from June 4 – August 20, 2023. A tentative, expenses-paid,  in-person fellowship convening is slated for early August. We are unable to offer monetary compensation at the moment, but please see the below list of other benefits this position offers. 


About Tayo

In October 2020, FYLPRO launched a web help desk, “Tayo” designed for seniors, unemployed individuals, and front line workers with information to make decisions to safeguard their health and well being during the pandemic. Firmly believing that we are the agents of change, and the custodians of our own community, FYLPRO mobilized experts, content creators, and service providers in the areas of medicine and medical research, mental health, government assistance and response, transportation, and social services to provide credible, timely, and community-specific information.       

Since the Fall of 2020, previous FYLPRO Tayo Fellows collectively engaged in the following projects:

  • Researched and authored over 500+ articles on Tayohelp.com website
  • Developed assets and executed social media campaigns on Tayo’s multiple platforms
  • Produced a range of short to long-form culturally-relevant videos 
  • Conducted environmental scan of Filipino American organizations and initiatives in the Greater Los Angeles area
  • Conducted interviews to identify needs of Filipino Americans during COVID-19
  • Produced interactive community event, “Together sa Tayo” to bring together Filipino Americans during COVID-19
  • Presented/contributed to national conferences and conversations such as:
    • White House Youth Updated Vaccine Roundtable with the Second Gentleman
    • National Council on Mental Wellbeing’s Annual Conference
    • American Public Health Association Annual Meeting & Expo
    • Asian American Research Center on Health (ARCH) 2022 Mentored Research Symposium
    • NYU Health Disparities Symposium
    • FYLPRO 10 Year Anniversary Program
  • Supported Tayo COVID-19 Vaccine Survey Design & Webinar Dissemination Efforts
  • Curated a viral dance video and Tik Tok series for the Department of Health & Human Services’ #WeCanDoThis Campaign
  • Curated COVID-19 PSAs for the Filipino community in English & Tagalog
  • Trained as wellness coaches for the AAPI community through the National AAPI Mental Health Association
  • Trained in Junkipedia data misinformation monitoring through Civic Listening Corps
  • Organized vaccine clinics in Arkansas, Hawaii, Texas, and Florida
  • Participated in leadership sessions with FYLPRO alumni, discussing topics such as:
    • Combating Misinformation with Leezel Tanglao
    • Self-Care is Community Care with Krystle Canare & TJ Simba-Medel
    • Navigating the Workplace as a Pinay with Anna Marie Cruz, Lauren Lalicon, Ryann Tanap, Jessica Velasco
    • Graduate School: The Decision, Application & Lessons Learned with Melissa Dargan, Brian Tajo, Christal Simanski, Earl Valencia
  • Leveraging Your Community Experience in the Job-Search Process with Frederick Docdocil and Philjay Solar                                                                                                                                                                                        Why you?

As someone who cares about the Filipino American community, you want to empower seniors, unemployed individuals, and frontline workers with the information they need to safeguard their health and well being. You are frustrated with the misinformation, and lack of relevant updates and trustworthy information that directly impacts the Filipino American community. You want to be surrounded by other Filipino American young leaders across the country working together to enact change.

About the Role

As a Tayo Fellow, your goal will be to create relevant information to help Filipino Americans safeguard their health, well being, and economic security during the pandemic. You will play the vital role of identifying important information and creating content that makes it understandable, accessible, and actionable for our communities.


On a weekly basis you will:

  1. Identify credible sources of information such as policy think tanks, government agencies, professional and industry associations, business associations, and social service providers.  
  2. Attend and participate in information sessions, webinars, and briefings to gather relevant information and updates and summarize the findings
  3. Proactively track developments in the subject area for which you are responsible
  4. You will write short and long form content weekly
  5. Attend a weekly Tayo coordination meeting on Sundays from 5pm-6pmET/4pm-5pmCT/3pm-4pmMT/2pm-3pmPT/12pm-1pmPT
    1. If you are unable to attend these meetings, separate accommodations can be arranged
  6. Attend bi-weekly 1:1 supervisor check-in
  7. Estimated 3-5 hours per week

Desired Qualifications

  • Interest in Filipino and  Filipino American community organizing
  • Interest in content creation and generating accessible, easy to understand material
  • Ability to write for Limited English proficiency populations
  • Leadership experience in a Filipino or pan-Asian group is a plus
  • Policy or public health research experience is a plus

Join Us For Our New Initiative!

In light of the rise in violence and exacerbated mental health challenges faced by our communities during the pandemic, Tayo recognizes the importance of “kwentuhan” or sharing stories to garner the insights and lessons of the collective. That said, it is our hope to share Tayo’s current playbook for holding courageous conversations with current Filipino American young leaders and co-curate a training program that could be taught and shared with Filipino American youth across the country. 

How Might you Benefit from Participating?

As a writer and content creator, you want to hone your skills, by working with leaders in media, technologists, and subject matter experts.  You have an interest in deepening your knowledge by working directly with experts in the fields of Medicine and Medical Research; Mental Health; Government Assistance; Law and Policy; Transportation, Travel, and Mobility; and Social Services for Senior citizens.  Beyond the COVID-19 crisis, you will have, through FYLPRO, a network of young Filipino professionals who are well positioned in their respective fields, and want to help you navigate your career, by connecting you with mentors, and advocates for you.

In addition, other benefits will include: sponsorship to membership of a professional association of your choice, opportunity to publish and write for the FYLPRO website and contribute to the final published article of project findings. 

You will also have an opportunity to connect with FYLPRO’s membership which includes a network of Filipinos who are leaders in their respective fields.  You can learn more about the FYLPRO COVID response team here: https://fylpro.org/covidresponseteam/

For students at education institutions, we would be happy to sponsor field study units.  Please consult with your academic advisor prior to applying for this program, to see if it qualifies for units at your institution of learning.

Questions? Contact TJ Simba-Medel, FYLPRO Fellowship Director – tjsimbamedel@fylpro.org

How to Apply

Due 4/30/2023 at 11:59pm ET 

Application Form