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FYLPRO Programming: Q1 Workshops February and March 2022

February 7, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to February!
We’ve got a great lineup to our programming for the next 2 months.
For those who missed our first workshop: How to Travel the World on Points and Miles, you can check out the playback and deck.
Below is the current lineup for planning purposes. 
There are more that are pending confirmation including: How to get your book published, Doxxed? Protecting yourself online, Financial Literacy, Get out and vote
If you would like to join the Programming Committee to help plan and coordinate these and/or if you have any suggestions, please let me know. There’s a lot of ground to cover and we have the year ahead to do it. 
Some of the timings have been tough based on the speaker’s location but we’ll see how these first ones go:
Confirmed Session descriptions below:
Attracting Bigger Opportunities How do you get recruiters to contact you for the right roles at the right level? – Feb. 9 at 1pm ET

How do you become the person who gets tapped for bigger roles, responsibilities and projects? How do you get recruiters to contact you for the right roles at the right level? How do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out so decision-makers want to connect? In this webinar, executive recruiter and coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine shares real-life examples of how an executive search unfolds, reasons why a recruiter looks at your LinkedIn profile but declines to reach out and why some people get pitched opportunities and others don’t get called. Presented by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, founder of the Dream Career Club and a career coach, writer, and media personality on job market issues. A Senior Contributor to Forbes Careers and an adjunct at Columbia University, Caroline helps experienced professionals in tech, media, financial services and other industries make a great living doing work they love. Caroline is going to give a special shoutout to the FYLPRO members on the webinar.


Telling Our Stories: Philippine American War – Feb. 15 at 8pm ET
This month marks the 123 years since the Philippine American War broke out in 1899. But few people know the long lasting impact that this war had on the generations to come. It’s barely a footnote in American history books. In a 5 part series for Wondery’s American Storytellers, journalist and poet Dorian Merina brings to life this pivotal war and its impact on America’s imperialistic visions and Filipinos fight for their freedom. Dorian will unpack how he decided to tell this story, how important it was to have Filipino voice actors and the fight for representation in the mainstream narrative. Journalist, poet and author Dorian Merina has taught and reported throughout Southeast Asia and in New York and Los Angeles. He co-hosts the podcast, Istorya Nu Ivatan, about life in Batanes and among the Ivatan, an indigenous group in the northern Philippines.
To prepare for this talk, listen to series episodes:

1.) Philippine-American War | Into the Jaws of a Dragon

2.) Philippine-American War | Under the Free Flag War | A Howling Wilderness

3.) Philippine-American War | Acts of Sedition

4.) Philippine-American War | The Path to Independence

5.) Philippine-American War | The Path to Independence

Philippine Genealogy: How to trace your roots – Feb. 19, at 8pm ET 
Have you ever wanted to build out your family tree but don’t know where to start? Or have you wondered what the origin of your surname is? Join us for next FYLPRO Workshop: Philippines Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Filipino Roots
This workshop will be led by Filipino genealogist Todd Lucero Sales. Todd Lucero Sales is a professional genealogist based in Davao and Cebu City.  He has written on politics, history, and genealogy for The Freeman and Cebu Daily News. In addition to family histories, Todd is also involved in data management and capturing the success stories of community-driven development. 
This will be an interactive workshop so we are collecting any questions beforehand to better shape the topics to be discussed. 
To prepare for this workshop, check out these articles:

Philippines Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Filipino Roots


Wondertools – 30 Tools in 60 Minutes – New Sites, Apps & Resources – March 1 at 4pm ET

Buckle up for a tour through today’s most useful digital tools, a carefully curated list of apps, sites and resources. See examples of the tools in action while learning what they do, how they’re useful and why & when to use them. Update your toolkit & take away a guide to share with colleagues and friends. This workshop is being led by Jeremy Caplan, Director of Teaching and Learning at CUNY’s Newmark Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. He teaches classes, workshops and now webinars on entrepreneurial and digital journalism.


Getting the most out of Google Tools – March 16 at 8pm ET 

Access to information is more important than ever. And Google tools provide valuable, inventive and often unexpected ways for journalists to access and process information for the betterment of their stories and the benefit of their readers. SPJ and the Google News Initiative teamed up in 2015 to provide free training to journalists around the U.S. looking to apply these tools in their news gathering, reporting and storytelling. The programs are provided by talented, personable, knowledgeable SPJ members who have been trained by the Google News Initiative. But this training will be tailored to a more mainstream non-journalist audience. Google tools are useful regardless if you are a journalist or not and it can level up your search/research skills. In this session, we’ll cover the tools and techniques that will make you feel like a spy on the internet – from finding hidden documents, piecing together information to verifying images and getting context behind them. Attendees will come away with more than just an understanding of how to sleuth the internet like a spy or investigative reporter, they will also become familiar with the overall ethos of finding information on the web. Trainer Frank Bi (@frankiebi) is an editorial engineer at SB Nation where he works on the storytelling team designing and developing interactives and longform features. He lives in New York City.


February 7, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm