FYLPRO Elections 2021-2022

Christal Simanski, 2017
Campaign Statement:

As Vice President of FYLPRO, I would strategically be beneficial to the organization, as I will be based in Manila, Philippines later in 2019. This will allow me to meet with partners, maintain and cultivate new relations, and help oversee our immersion program on the ground. Additionally given my community work in D.C., I already have strong networks with the Philippine Embassy that can be utilized to help sustain and grow the program. I have a successful track record in managing Filipino-American organizations. As the president of the Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, D.C. from 2017 to 2018, I elevated the organization’s presence to a national level, gained recognition in the Philippines, managed a following 2000 members, and helped the organization become a 501(c)3, and found donors to fund our annual conference. Lastly, I truly believe in FYLPRO’s mission and organization goals. Through this organization and the immersion program I have been able re-affirm my desire to help and elevate Filipino-Americans in the United States and in the Philippines. This program has done so many things for me. Most recently through my FYLPRO connections I was the only young Filipino-American professional to attend the Balangiga bells ceremony in Manila last December 2018. It would truly be an honor to serve FYLPRO and the community. Thank you for your support.

Joshua Ang Price, 2018
Campaign Statement:

I would be humbled and honored to serve as FYLPRO’s next Vice President. My vision is for FYLPRO to be internationally-recognized as the definitive program for emerging young Filipino-American leaders. As the owner of my own company, I have a flexible schedule and can readily commit to FYLPRO for the two years required for this position as well as travel to connect with FYLPRO alumni, fundraise, and engage with the Philippine Embassy in DC and regional Philippine Consulates. As a communications professional, I will ensure FYLPRO engages our audiences, stakeholders, and sponsors on a regular basis. I also plan to create more alumni interaction and collaboration between batches as well as more continuing engagement and programming opportunities for FYLPRO alumni, including planning the 2019 FYLPRO Summit and creating partnerships with Ivy League Universities such as the Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell, etc. for FYLPRO alumni to have exclusive access to their leadership certification programs.

Major Char McGinnis, 2018
Campaign Statement:

U.S. Air Force Major Charlynne McGinnis has extensive experience with logistics coordination, especially in regards to international travel. Her military background will bring structure and an eagle eye for detail to the position of Secretary, and her high standards of reporting will also be a huge asset to organizing and cataloging FYLPRO's records.

Melissa Palma, 2018
Campaign Statement:

After returning from the 2018 FYLPRO immersion trip, I am forever grateful to this organization and its partners for deepening my understanding of our shared Filipino heritage. Over the course of my medical career, I have been honored to serve as a delegate and committee member on the governing boards of multiple state medical societies of the American Medical Association. Through my work with the Massachusetts Medical Society and Illinois State Medical Society, I have learned a great deal about organizational leadership, health policy, and community building I was especially heartened by the enthusiasm and expertise from diverse fields represented by the FYLPRO organization. As a physician, we enter a profession rooted in service to benefit society. As a FYLPRO delegate running for the position of treasurer, I consider it our personal and professional duty to advocate for our communities at home and in diaspora. Working as treasurer and engaging alumni in the Chicago area and beyond, I hope to advocate the Filipino community through a position on FYLPRO Board of Directors.

Thurs., Nov. 12
BOD Meeting

Mon., Nov. 16
Candidate filing opens

Thurs., Nov. 19
Annual General Membership Meeting
& Election Town Hall

Sun., Nov. 22
Candidate filing closes
Campaign materials due by 11:59 PM EST

Mon., Nov. 23
Campaign materials will be made available to the alumni

Fri., Nov. 27 at 8 am EST -
Sat. Nov. 28 at 11:59 pm EST
Election Day

Sun., Nov. 29
Election results counted; results announced to FYLPRO membership via email and on FYLPRO Alumni Only Facebook group

Mon., Nov. 30
Election results announced to public via press release

Tue., Dec. 1
Meeting with Embassy (subject to change)

Thurs., Dec. 3
ECOM transition meeting

Thurs., Dec. 10
Final BOD Meeting of 2020, Onboarding of new BOD

Sat., Jan. 9, 2021
Board Retreat


Running for Vice President
Leezel Tanglao
Batch 2019, Carson, CA


A journalist by trade, I bring my insider knowledge of how to tell a story and tell it well across multiple platforms. But more importantly, I come with a fire and driving spirit of innovation -- coupled by precision and execution to turn ideas into reality - backed data and funding. This is crucial for this organization to have as it scales to tackle more issues impacting our kababayans.

By day, I'm a data-driven bridge journalist at the intersection of editorial, product, audience, marketing, and sales. I’ve worked for nearly all the major news organizations and networks in two of the biggest media markets - Los Angeles and New York. I’ve launched products and built digital warrooms from the ground up. By night, I’m the strategist thinking of the next grant to go after and sponsor to pitch. The throughline is the opportunity to tell our stories. Stories about us - tayo. Through my work with leading the FYLPRO COVID19 task force these past 30 weeks, I’ve seen firsthand what we are capable of in a short period of time. I’m running for FYLPRO VP because I bring the combination of logic, strategy along with fire and heart to bring forth innovation while honoring the values, mission and vision that has made FYLPRO the transformative experience I had the honor of taking part in 2019. FYLPRO is on its way to leveling up to strengthen ties with the motherland while also developing our alumni and the next generation. It will be a challenging road ahead but like my breaking news days, when everyone was running away from a fire, I was running towards it because it is only when we face issues head on -- only then can you solve them and get the whole story. FYLPRO isn’t just immersion, FYLPRO is the people. It’s us. This is the story about us. We are our ancestors greatest innovation - greatest legacy. Join me.


Running for Treasurer
Frederick Alain Docdocil
Batch 2019, Carson, CA


I've been heavily involved in the FilAm community in various capacities, including extensive leadership roles, for the last 20 years.

Frederick Alain Docdocil is the Mabuhay Branch and Business Development Coordinator for Mabuhay Credit Union, which is among the very first full-service Financial Institution to specifically help the Filipino and greater Community in Southern California and beyond with their financial services needs.

A Public Relations Commissioner for the City of Carson, CA, Fred is an active member of multiple Filipino American organizations, including the Filipino Community of Carson (FCC), the UCI Filipino American Alumni Chapter, and the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA). He is a Board Member of the Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce; a Board Member and Vice President of Kagay-anons of Southern California (KSC); a Founding Board Member / Lifetime Member / President Emeritus for the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of SouthBay Los Angeles Area (FACC-SLAA); the President / Trustees for the Philippine Independence Day Foundation, Inc. (PIDF); and a Household Head & Speaker for Couples for Christ SoCal Chapter B-1 (CfC).

In addition to having been selected to be among the Delegates for the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) by the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC, Fred is also a proud recipient of The Outstanding Pilipino (TOP Award) for Community Leadership as well as having been among the awardees for the Outstanding Filipino Americans in the USA.

Fred has always held his Faith, his Family, and the Filipino community in high regard, and is therefore looking forward to being able to make a meaningful impact on a national scale as an officer of FYLPRO.

Running for Director
JP Ferrer
Batch 2014, Chicago, IL


I am able to share my experience in starting up new corporations, non-profits and its daily operation. I am well versed with local and federal laws that govern FYLPRO. My strength include financial reporting, marketing, and risk management. My background in sales will enable me to contribute in fundraising to hit the strategic plan fundraising goal of $150,000 in three years.

I have been on the Board and has served in the Executive Committee in several for profit and non-profit organization. I believe experience matters even if each situations in each organization are unique in continuing to further growing FYLPRO. I believe my role is to remind the BOD of the challenges we have faced together and highlight the successes we have achieved. Ultimately, my vision as a board member is to raise $5,000 between being involved in a Chicago fundraiser and my own give get. I look forward to working with the incoming Exec Com to help guide FYLPRO's future and execute the newly passed Strategic Plan.


Running for Director
Lahki Siap
Batch 2015, Chicago, IL


Here to help move the organization forward with the community.









Running for Director
Mike Dahilig
Batch 2014, Lihue, Hawaii


Currently, I am the Managing Director (County Manager) for the County of Kaua`i in Hawai`i which requires me to oversee complex operations and the work of fourteen administrative departments. I am also a licensed attorney, and will be able to have insight as to legal issues that may arise concerning permissibility of work and potential issues of liability.

I support the strategic plan and want to assist FYLPro's executive leadership in hitting those benchmarks. I would see my role as a board member to provide guidance where needed, serve as a fiduciary for the corporation, and ensure accountability. A board member should guide but not micromanage, and work toward supporting the overall corporate goals and President's vision - giving the leadership the creative latitude to make things happen while keeping the organization strong.


Running for Director
Lauren Lalicon
Batch 2018, New Jersey


Project management, ability to lead and work as a team

I had been in the midst of slowly developing my own nonprofit, Professional Filipino American Youth (PFAY), which would eventually become my legacy project, when I was accepted as a delegate for the immersion program in 2018. The immersion program was life-changing and my batchmates reaffirmed my passion for the community. When I returned, I dove headfirst into my legacy project. The lessons I learned and the community I gained from the immersion program served as a constant reminder of why my work was important. Quarantine slowed down my community work significantly, so I saw the opportunity to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee as a way to get more involved. Over the past few months, I have been serving on the Alumni Engagement Committee (AEC). My co-lead, Everett Icao, and I worked to attract alumni to our Strategic Planning workshops, which was attended by 40% of our alumni. We also led the development, promotion, and execution of the Lingua Franca Netflix Party, and since October, we’ve also been hosting check-ins with our alumni to create a database of legacy projects. I would be honored to serve as a member of FYLPRO’s Board of Directors. I have never felt more fulfilled by community work than I have in these past few months. Through my work in AEC, I see the potential in FYLPRO to grow even bigger as I connect the dots between all our alumni’s work and I am determined to have a role in making that happen.


Running for Director
Sergio Alcubilla
Batch 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii


Non-profit leadership, fundraising, legal, community involvement and organizing

I hope to be able to use my education, talents, and skills in service to the Filipino community and continue to help FYLPRO achieve its mission and vision. I believe the organization can continue to help unlock the potential of the Filipino people here in the US and in the Philippines. I have watched FYLPRO grow from just an idea in 2011 to the organization it is today and I am simply very grateful to be among the many talented individuals who make up this organization. We all share the same vision and hope for our people.


Running for Director
Jennifer Coliflores
Batch 2015, Worcester, MA


As an attorney, I bring analytical skills to the discussion. I am able to see both sides of the argument and weigh various factors in decision making.

I am committed to empowering young leaders of the Filipino community. I have had the privilege of watching this organization grow and want to help take FYLPRO to the next level. I believe in the mission of FYLPRO and want to represent our alumni to the fullest extent possible.



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Relevant sections in the FYLPRO Bylaws

Section 6.8 Vacancies. The Board shall have power to fill vacancies occurring in the Board of Directors through any cause, until the next Annual Meeting of the Corporation, when such vacancies shall be filled by election for the unexpired term.

Section 6.6 Term of Office. The term of office for the President shall be one year, with the Vice President automatically serving as President after the current President’s term. Elections for Vice President and Board of Directors shall be done annually. Directors shall serve for one (1) year, except for the Secretary and Treasurer who shall serve for 2 years. However, a Director shall remain in office until his or her successor has been elected.

Review full BYLAWS.

To understand the expectations and responsibilities involved from a FYLPRO Board member, (Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience) read the BOARD MANUAL.