Immersion Program

Every year, FYLPRO works with the Philippine Embassy and the Consulates General in the United States to search for the most outstanding, next-generation Filipinos in the United States to participate in its distinguished Immersion Program in the Philippines.

In partnership with the Ayala Foundation and the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, the FYLPRO’s Immersion Program started in 2012 when founder Jose Cuisia, Jr, former Philippine Ambassador the United States recognized the need for the younger generation to have a seat on the table.

The selected delegates is a result of a nationwide search conducted annually, with careful review and vetting in an application process. Since then, sixty outstanding leaders have graduated from the program, creating a robust network of shared ideals. Alumni hold reputable leadership positions in government, business, education and culture and volunteer their time to improving the nonprofit.

The Philippines and the United States both face unique challenges this year. The program promises to continue the aspirations of young Filipino leaders to create a better community. 

Access to top government leaders
FYLPRO delegates have the opportunity to ask the tough questions and hear from top government leaders—President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House, Senators, House Representatives and dialogue with Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary, and other cabinet members on tourism, labor, health, workforce and education.

Business networking
Annual partners Ayala Corporation, Makati Business Club and American Chamber of Commerce invite key members of top corporations in the Philippines to meet the delegates. 

Discovering roots and giving back
A community day is typically scheduled to immerse the delegates in social challenges in the Philippines, whether through building houses, feeding the hungry or spending time in an adoption center.

A cultural tour is usually included to remind participants of our history, traditions and values.

2018 FYLPRO IMMERSION PROGRAM DATES:*this schedule is subject to change

  • July 6 – application open
  • September 17 – 2018 FYLPRO Delegate Announcement
  • November 18-23 – Philippine Immersion Program

Who Can Apply

  • Leaders no younger than 25 years old and no older than 40 years old by November 18, 2018, the first day of the 2018 Immersion Program
  • Ready and capable of traveling to the Philippines, arriving in Manila by Friday, November 16, 2018 and departing no earlier than Saturday, November 24, 2018. If selected, the program will shoulder airfare and accommodations.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills within their school, community, workplace or other areas of involvement
  • Have potential or demonstrated involvement in the Filipino community, or in issues and/or activities that align with the interest of the Filipino American community or the Philippines.

2018 FYLPRO Application Requirements

  • I. General application form
  • II. Resume For your resume, please cite involvement in your school, civic or community organizations. Provide information on the name of the organization, position in the organization, duties and significant accomplishments, and dates of membership. Highlight specific examples when you exhibited leadership skills and the ways in which you have been active with the Filipino-American community and advocating Philippine interests.  Feel free to add additional pages to your standard resume.
  • III. Two letters of recommendation
  • IV. Response to 3 key questions (500 words maximum per question):
    • What factors influenced your decision to apply to FYLPRO?
    • What do you think are the main challenges facing Philippines (enumerate no more than 3)? Why do these issues matter to you and what would you recommend to the Philippine government as solutions for these issues?
    • How do you plan to echo what you learned from FYLPRO to your peers and stakeholders? How do you intend to use your leadership skills to contribute to the advancement of the interests of Filipinos and to the development of the Philippines?
  • V. Legacy Project Proposal Legacy Projects are social impact projects and initiatives that FYLPRO Alumni develop and implement after the Immersion Program in Manila. Legacy projects can be a non-profit, social enterprise, or a one-time campaign or initiative that advocate for and help advance the position of the Filipino community.

2018 FYLPRO Immersion Program Applications

Available July 6, 2018 at 3PM EST