“FYLPRO has built an impressive roster of alumni with a network of distinguished research and achievements in political advocacy initiatives, cultural and tourism programs, social entrepreneurship activities, innovations in governance and education, heritage projects and voter awareness drives. We remain committed to encouraging more diverse and dynamic engagements with the next generation of Filipino-Americans in the United States to further strengthen Philippines-US ties, advance mutual interests, and attain common goals.”

– H.E. Jose Manuel G. Romualdez

Philippine Ambassador to the United States of America


We hope to attract more young Filipino-American leaders who we hope will be among the movers and shakers among the emerging generation of Filipino-Americans … The involvement of these emerging leaders in the Filipino-American community is expected to further add vibrancy and dynamism to the development of the Philippines and to the Filipino- American community in the United States.

– H.E. Jose L. Cuisia

Former Ambassador of the Philippines to the United States
Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) Founder

2017 Board of Directors

thumbnail Dondi Leonidas QuintansPresident, New York
thumbnail JR CalanocVice President, San Francisco
thumbnail Jennifer Coliflores RosenthalSecretary, Boston
thumbnail Donny RojoTreasurer, San Francisco
thumbnail Noel AglubatNew York
thumbnail Eileen AparisSeattle
thumbnail Bryan Benitez McClellandManila
thumbnail Louella CabalonaChicago
thumbnail Mike DahiligKauai
thumbnail Rafael DioknoWashington D.C.
thumbnail Jan Paul FerrerChicago
thumbnail Christina LaskowskiSan Francisco
thumbnail Bea RicoSeattle
thumbnail Lakhi SiapChicago
thumbnail Ex-Officio: Mariana ZobelManila
thumbnail Darrel ArtatesWashington, D.C.