FYLPRO Elections 2022

Christal Simanski, 2017
Campaign Statement:

As Vice President of FYLPRO, I would strategically be beneficial to the organization, as I will be based in Manila, Philippines later in 2019. This will allow me to meet with partners, maintain and cultivate new relations, and help oversee our immersion program on the ground. Additionally given my community work in D.C., I already have strong networks with the Philippine Embassy that can be utilized to help sustain and grow the program. I have a successful track record in managing Filipino-American organizations. As the president of the Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, D.C. from 2017 to 2018, I elevated the organization’s presence to a national level, gained recognition in the Philippines, managed a following 2000 members, and helped the organization become a 501(c)3, and found donors to fund our annual conference. Lastly, I truly believe in FYLPRO’s mission and organization goals. Through this organization and the immersion program I have been able re-affirm my desire to help and elevate Filipino-Americans in the United States and in the Philippines. This program has done so many things for me. Most recently through my FYLPRO connections I was the only young Filipino-American professional to attend the Balangiga bells ceremony in Manila last December 2018. It would truly be an honor to serve FYLPRO and the community. Thank you for your support.

Joshua Ang Price, 2018
Campaign Statement:

I would be humbled and honored to serve as FYLPRO’s next Vice President. My vision is for FYLPRO to be internationally-recognized as the definitive program for emerging young Filipino-American leaders. As the owner of my own company, I have a flexible schedule and can readily commit to FYLPRO for the two years required for this position as well as travel to connect with FYLPRO alumni, fundraise, and engage with the Philippine Embassy in DC and regional Philippine Consulates. As a communications professional, I will ensure FYLPRO engages our audiences, stakeholders, and sponsors on a regular basis. I also plan to create more alumni interaction and collaboration between batches as well as more continuing engagement and programming opportunities for FYLPRO alumni, including planning the 2019 FYLPRO Summit and creating partnerships with Ivy League Universities such as the Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell, etc. for FYLPRO alumni to have exclusive access to their leadership certification programs.

Major Char McGinnis, 2018
Campaign Statement:

U.S. Air Force Major Charlynne McGinnis has extensive experience with logistics coordination, especially in regards to international travel. Her military background will bring structure and an eagle eye for detail to the position of Secretary, and her high standards of reporting will also be a huge asset to organizing and cataloging FYLPRO's records.

Melissa Palma, 2018
Campaign Statement:

After returning from the 2018 FYLPRO immersion trip, I am forever grateful to this organization and its partners for deepening my understanding of our shared Filipino heritage. Over the course of my medical career, I have been honored to serve as a delegate and committee member on the governing boards of multiple state medical societies of the American Medical Association. Through my work with the Massachusetts Medical Society and Illinois State Medical Society, I have learned a great deal about organizational leadership, health policy, and community building I was especially heartened by the enthusiasm and expertise from diverse fields represented by the FYLPRO organization. As a physician, we enter a profession rooted in service to benefit society. As a FYLPRO delegate running for the position of treasurer, I consider it our personal and professional duty to advocate for our communities at home and in diaspora. Working as treasurer and engaging alumni in the Chicago area and beyond, I hope to advocate the Filipino community through a position on FYLPRO Board of Directors.


Thurs., Nov. 11
BOD Meeting

Mon., Nov. 15
Candidate filing opens, Campaign period opens. Campaign materials will be made available to active voters on this page as soon as they are submitted.

Tuesday., Nov. 30
Annual General Membership Meeting & Election Town Hall
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Thursday., Dec . 2
Candidate filing closes, due by 11:59 PM ET
End of campaign period

Fri., Dec. 3 at 8 pm ET to
Sun. Dec. 5 at 11:59 am ET

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Sun., Dec. 5
Election results counted; announced

Current president Louella Cabalona and President-elect Leezel Tanglao to schedule in December:

  • ECOM transition meeting
  • Final BOD Meeting of 2021
  • Onboarding of new BOD

Positions open for 2022-2023:

  • Vice President
  • Directors (13)

Email elections@fylpro.org for more info.




Running for Vice President
Constancio Paranal III

ABOUT: Constancio Paranal III serves the State of Hawai'i in advancing knowledge and skills within our workforce, managing the modernization of technological infrastructure, and driving environmental innovation and education. As a Faculty at the University of Hawai'i, he contributes to the scholarly research and instruction in the disciplinary fields of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Law. In addition, as a Project Lead Technical Writer for the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, he oversees one of the biggest technology modernization projects for the State, including the delivery of Organizational Change Management, Documentation, and Training. Lastly, he serves as an Island Innovation Ambassador representing the State, focused on promoting global consciousness in sustainability practices and environmental innovation. Currently attending the Richardson School of Law, Constancio externed at state institutions including the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Hawai’i, University of Hawai’i Legal Affairs and General Counsel, and the Office of the Attorney General of Guam. In the past, he served the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii as a Board of Directors. For Constancio, everything is worthwhile if it helps you create joy and satisfaction for others. Outside of the office, Constancio enjoys swimming, and spending time with family, and Franklin, their newly-adopted Frenchie.

PLATFORM/WHY: I have been following FYLPRO for a while now and I truly believe in the organization’s mission and what it hopes to accomplish. As an immigrant in Hawai’i, I feel that representation, even in a multicultural place like Hawai’i matters. I realized that the challenge and struggle for representation and identity are harder in a multicultural place like Hawai’i. Personally, I feel that there is an urge for Filipinos (young and old) to disassociate themselves from being Filipino and refer to themselves as “mix” or being “more like” another ethnic minority which I think is influenced by the general characterizations placed on each ethnic minority in our society. However, I believe, deep inside, we are all proud of who we are, our identity, and our culture, but I would like to see and hear explicit recognition and acknowledgement of our heritage. I believe that the future is not far-fetched but it would take a concerted effort in educating the community, assuming leadership positions for, and taking action on matters that promote cultural identity, diversity, and representation. I work with a lot of young students and professionals in our state and in the Asia-Pacific region, and as part of FYLPRO, I would like to promote the mission of the organization and share it with our communities. By working with our leaders in Hawai’i, FYLPRO, and the leadership team, I will endeavor to promote the message and create more access and opportunities for stories about our people, community, and ancestors to be heard, celebrated, and represented.

Running for Vice President

Krystle Canare

ABOUT: Krystle Canare (she/her) is a strong advocate for mental health and addressing disparities experienced by underserved and under-represented communities. Krystle is currently a Program Specialist for Georgetown University’s Center of Excellence for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation. Prior to working at Georgetown, Krystle worked as a senior project coordinator for the National Council for Mental Wellbeing and consultant for the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. Krystle has served as an Ambassador for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, Steering Committee Member for the National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health, Health Equity Ambassador for the American Psychological Association, and currently serves as Vice President for the Asian Mental Health Collective. Krystle's mental health advocacy and nonprofit leadership expands to the Filipino American community as COVID-19 Task Force Fellowship Director for the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO), Advisor to the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, Inc's Alumni Network, and Coach for the National Federation of Filipino American Association's Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration (NaFFAA EPYC) program. She is the former Region Chair for NaFFAA's Capital Region, Board Director for FYLPRO, and President of the Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc. Raised in the Washington D.C metropolitan area, Krystle attributes her passion for community building to the University of Maryland’s Filipino American History & Biography course, Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy Office, and the Filipino Cultural Association.

PLATFORM/WHY: When you wear many hats within the Filipino American community, you answer the call to be a bridge.

When you are supported by alumni who motivate you to be better, you answer the call to represent.

When you feel the energy and untapped potential of the greater Filipino diaspora, you answer the call to discover what’s possible.

I return to FYLPRO’s leadership to serve as its 2022 Vice President in order to lead alongside President Leezel Tanglao as we expand membership to all Filipino American young leaders in the diaspora. For those who do not know me, my name is Krystle Canare (she/her) and I have twelve years of experience implementing opportunities to educate, engage, and uplift our people, especially our Filipino American youth. I’ve had the privilege to grow up in the nation’s capital, attend and advocate for one of the only Filipino American History courses on the East Coast, foster a community of over 150 Fil-Am student leaders at the University of Maryland, and serve in multiple leadership roles regionally and nationally to serve the greater AANHPI and Filipino community. I am driven by the power of the collective. I do it for the kapwa (connectedness). I do it for the bayanihan (communal effort). I do it because we are the leaders we’ve been looking for and I’m not afraid of tackling the difficult conversations and work to move our future forward. Membership Engagement. Mental Health. Social Justice. Intergenerational Leadership. Organizational Development. Civic Engagement. Representation. I throw my hat in the ring to answer these calls to serve.

As a 2020 Board of Director, I served as Communications Chair, Cultural Development Co-Chair, Get Out the Vote Committee, Summit Committee, and most importantly, as the Fellowship Director to twenty-seven Filipino American student/recent graduate leaders who were at the heart of Tayo, our COVID-19 Help Desk. I am running for Vice President because FYLPRO opening its membership to all Filipino young leaders is too meaningful of a movement to nurture and grow.

As Vice President, I commit to Leezel’s vision of amplifying our stories and offering cultural, personal, interpersonal and professional opportunities for the Filipino young leader in the U.S and abroad. With my background in mental health, health equity, and leadership development, I will strive to ensure our programming and engagement are accessible, equitable, and inclusive to those we serve in order to strengthen our global diasporic collective. During a time of pandemic, social unrest, and ongoing environmental disasters, I recognize the need for community care and proactive bayanihan response. I wholeheartedly believe in the purpose and mission of FYLPRO to take on these challenges and have the vision and energy to uphold its legacy. Lastly, I graciously stand on the shoulders of those who came before me and continue to support the organization. Together, FYLPRO will grow leaps and bounds. Thank you in advance for the consideration and please do not hesitate to contact me so that we can continue to build community.


Running for Vice President

Jan Paul Ferrer










ABOUT: Jan Paul is currently a First Vice President and Portfolio Management Director at Morgan Stanley. he holds the Certified Financial Planner designation. He was from Batch 3 in 2014. The legacy project he started in 2015, Ambension. His goal is to promote hand woven textile in the Philppines while reducing waste to zero. He partnered with Bayo clothing which has grown Ambension to 9 employees. That's 9 employees from the GK enchanted farm in Angat Bulacan. He is a several organization advocating for Filipino and service to others.

PLATFORM/WHY: I have been a BOD of FYLPRO for several years. My strengths are operation and processes. I have been a contributor for FYLPRO's ascent the past ten years. As VP, my main focus will be to support President-Elect Leezel elevate FYLPRO higher from where President Louella brought us success specifically our standing in the community. This means to bring a positive attitude and foster collaboration within the Board of Directors, BOD. i I will have an open mind and support decisions that will elevate FYLPRO higher. I will foster the cohesive bond that the 2020 BOD and ECOM has created. Additionally, I would like to focus on how to ensure that the immersion program is sustainable now and in the decades ahead. The strategic planning for our operation and programs offered has worked. I would like to spend time having a strategic plan for the immersion. We are no longer an Alumni only network. We are now an Alumni and member service organization. As the VP, this carries a responsibility to serve the the BOD, ECOM, Alumni and members. I am up for this challenge if given a chance to represent FYLPRO as your VP. I look forward for your support and votes. #FYLPRO for life

Running for Director

Brad Baldia

ABOUT: Brad Baldia received his BA in English and Biology from Bucknell University and a Masters in Public Health from Temple University. In 1995, Brad served as a White House Intern in the Office of Presidential Personnel. He currently serves as the National Executive Director of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce. Brad works extensively with Asian community organizations on a local and national level, such as the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs and the National Association of Asian American Professionals. Brad is Founding President of the Philadelphia Chapter, was elected in 2006 as Executive Vice President of NAAAP National and served as National President & CEO from 2008-2012. Brad served two terms on the Pennsylvania Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs. He is currently serving his 2nd term on the Delaware Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights. He serves on various boards including PHL Diversity (Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Executive Committee and Board & Nominations Co-Chair), Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF, Co-Founder and Board) and National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) PA. Brad is a member of the Philadelphia Police Asian American Advisory Committee and the Advisory Board to the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. Previously, he served as faculty for the Center for Progressive Leadership – Pennsylvania. Brad was appointed to the board of the Library of Congress Asian Division Friends Society, a DOJ Arab/Muslim/Sikh/Asian Working Group and the FBI Philadelphia Multi-Cultural Advisory Commitee. Mr. Baldia has received numerous awards for his efforts, including the “Unsung Heroes Award” by Keystone Mercy Health Plan and “National Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award” by the National Conference for Community and Justice. In 2002, he was recognized as one of the “Top 30 Most Influential Asians in America Under the Age of 30”. In 2007, Brad was one of fifty individuals citywide that was nominated for the “Spirit of Philadelphia” award by Greater Philadelphia Cares. In July, 2008, Mr. Baldia was named one of Philadelphia’s 101 Top Connectors by LEADERSHIP Philadelphia. In June, 2012, he received the FAAPI 100 Centennial Award from the Filipino American Association of Philadelphia Inc. for his work on the national level. Specialties: Development/Fundraising, Media Relations, PR, Political Advocacy, Community Outreach & Advocacy

PLATFORM/WHY: I feel that my professional background (eg. nonprofit management and fundraising), skills and connections would be a strong asset to FYLPRO. I have been a leader and served on many boards and commission of various local, state and national associations including NAAAP, NaFFAA and FANHS. I would like to see how FYLPRO can work more closely with FPACC and its Young Business United Program whose purpose is to create a pipeline of young Fil Am business leaders. Through YBU, we provide mentoring and leadership development. FPACC is 25 years old and has 38 chambers in the US, Mexico and expanding to Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and other countries. FYLPRO could work with FPACC in expanding its visibility and reach to all of its established chambers and grow globally. www.fpaccunited.com

Running for Director

Maria T Cunning

ABOUT: I was Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Commerce major in Accounting. I hold an MBA. I am a serial entrepreneur and own 4 succesful companies including a construction company, several flooring/cabinets/countertops/doors retail stores, a real estate company and a fashion production company. I am the current National President of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC), and has been the President since 2015. I am also currently on the Board of Trustees for NaFFAA (National Federation of Filipino American Associations). I am also very passionate about my Charity work. I am a Past District Governor for Lions International District 21-N Arizona, and currently running as the endorsed International Director for the State of Arizona. Politically, I am the Chair of the Arizona Asian American Republican Coalition and I represent 17 countries in the Coalition.

PLATFORM/WHY: Young entrepreneurs and the Youth have always been my passion and one of my advocacies. I have watched and supported FYLPRO initiatives over the years. Some of your alumni also serve on our FPACC National Board and I am very well informed regarding your goals. I would be honored to join the FYLPRO Board and I feel that I will be a great addition to your board. Being the head of the Global and National Association of Filipino American Entrepreneurs and Business people, I can help with your fundraising efforts and help you achieve your financial objectives. In addition to FPACC's global reach , I hope to be the bridge in multiple collaborative efforts between FYLPRO and FPACC. I would love to strengthen the ties between our organizations. I can also bring a network of businesses and organizations (PCCI/PUBC, SBA) that we can collaborate with or bring to the table. As President of FPACC, in 2017, I also started a mentoring program for young entrepreneurs called YBU (Young Business United) and I believe that YBU and FYLPRO has the potential to be a great partnership. We are also initiating an FPACC University. We already have land set aside for this in Colima, Mexico and hopefully FYLPRO can be a partner with FPACC on this. I am a hard worker and operate with minimum rest. Volunteerism and not getting paid is not an issue. I can also afford to travel on short notice if necessary and pay my own expenses. I have been doing this for years as President of FPACC. I hope you will consider me as an addition to your esteemed organization. 

Running for Director

Joyce Roldan King

ABOUT: I am a Filipino American, born and raised in New Jersey, and currently resides in Maryland. I am an alumna of George Washington University, American University: Women & Politics Institute, and the David A. Clarke School of Law. I am the Chief Counsel at the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office. I lead the Frederick County Cybercrimes Task Force, serve on the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and is cross-designated as a Special Assistant United States Attorney through the Department of Justice. In addition to prosecution, I manage operations and communications for the State’s Attorney’s Office, provide legal counsel for multi-agency criminal justice policy initiatives and projects, and serves on the Legislative Committee for the Maryland State’s Attorney Association. I hope to bring this passion, leadership, and versatile skillset to FYLPRO and its mission.

PLATFORM/WHY: I am a proud member of Batch Otso! FYLPRO changed my life and reconnected my to my roots and kababayan. The inspiration and motivation to continue establish and launch our legacy project has been profound. It is am amazing impact not just on Immersion participants but our families, local communities, and Filipinos world wide. I want to be a part of building these bridges. Moreover, I have such a deep admiration and respect for Leezel and Krystal. I trust their leadership, vision, and work ethic and I would love to be on their team to continue the amazing legacy of FYLPRO. I know this administration will be great organization, expansion and innovation for the future of FYLPRO.

Running for Director

Timothy "TJ" Simba-Medel

ABOUT: Timothy "TJ" Simba-Medel (he/they) TJ is an award-winning poet and a teaching artist. He is the 2009 Southern Fried Individual Poetry Slam Champion. He holds a Bachelors's in Theater Arts from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. TJ is the First Filipinx-American Faculty Member of Second City Chicago, the first Filipinx-American DEI Facilitator for Second City Works B2B, and is a recipient of the 2017 Second City Jim Zulevic Award for Community Excellence. Before leaving Chicago, he produced the National Poetry Slam in 2018 and was featured on CNN Philippines for his work with the Manila Improv Festival. As a son of Arkansas, he has become the first Filipinx-American faculty member of Arkansas Repertory Theater, the first Filipinx-American to hold a representative seat in the Citizens First Congress on behalf of the Arkansas Youth Coalition for Social Change, and is an active Board Member for the Arkansas Philippine Association. His most recent collaborations include The Bulosan Center at the University of California - Davis, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, the Filipino Veterans Recognition Education Project, Filipinos@Amazon, New Leaders Council - Arkansas Chapter, and the Little Rock Freedom Fund. (www.lrfreedomfund.com)

PLATFORM/WHY: Since my involvement in FYLPRO, I’ve served as the Cultural Development Co-Chair, a Get Out The Vote Committee Member, FYLPRO Summit Committee Member, and most importantly a member of FYLPRO’s COVID-19 Taskforce as its Risk Mitigation & Creative Consultant. I’ve collaborated with FYLPRO alumni to develop high school leadership programs and presented a talk on Filipino/a/x Americans as Cross-Coalition Builders for Smithsonian’s Asian Pacific American Center. What’s driving me to apply for this opportunity is my NaFFAA EPYC fam, the Tayo Fellows fam, and my Bulosan Center fam.

As a member of Tayohelp, I watched Leezel lead a group of us to create a response to COVID-19. It is because of her leadership in addressing misinformation in the Filipinx community that I am applying to serve under her again. If elected, I'd like to contribute my knowledge of Gamification Theory and UX Design towards building the roadmap for our future FYLPRO member programs.

I’d also like to put the topic of environmental justice on the table and challenge us to have a conversation about what a systemic effort towards addressing environmental justice in our own homes could look like. It is a problem that I have with my own community and I’m hoping to address it as a legacy problem to FYLPRO’s present so that it doesn’t end up in FYLPRO’s future.

Finally, my personal goal is to design a FYLPRO fundraiser shirt. I truly love making t-shirt concepts and I feel like its a project that I can lead with minimal risk and high reward. The potential of FYLPRO having marketplace that uplifts up and coming FYLPROs If you or anyone you know would be interested in collabing with me on this project, please hit me up. @tjspokenword on all social media platforms.

Running for Director

Antonio Moya

ABOUT: Antonio Moya, MD MPH is a Board Certified Neurologist, Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and LA County Department of Health Services Scholar working at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. Antonio co-founded the Council of Young Filipino Americans in Medicine (CYFAM) and is its Executive Chair. He completed his neurology residency at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He graduated from the UCSF School of Medicine as a PRIME-US Scholar and completed his MPH at the Harvard School of Public Health with a focus on Global Health in Asia. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in the Philippines, specifically working on telemedicine stroke care. Antonio has primarily focused on the Filipino and Asian Pacific Islander global community, having served as one of the past medical directors of the UCSF Mabuhay Health Center and Director of the UCSF Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. Antonio has partnered in Los Angeles with the Filipino American Service Group Inc. (FASGI), having been awarded multiple community and national grants to leverage media tools to improve health behaviors related to stroke and COVID-19 prevention.

PLATFORM/WHY: As a Director for the FYLPRO Board, I will create strong partnerships with global Filipino communities to advocate for our community’s health, especially in this global pandemic. My experience as a Filipino American neurologist gives me expertise and resources to bolster FYLPRO’s success in health initiatives such as Tayo Help and other initiatives. I will help FYLPRO build strong relationships with Filipino community health and medical organizations and also connect them with a pipeline of talented and driven pre-med, med students and early-career physicians of CYFAM (Council of Young Filipinx Americans in Medicine), the organization I co-founded as a FYLPRO Legacy Project.

FYLPRO’s emphasis on connecting the Philippines and the US resonates with my family’s immigration story. I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to California as a child. Early in life, I witnessed how my family struggled to navigate the US and Philippine health care systems, leading to inadequate medical treatment. I was not surprised to find out that poor medical care was a common denominator among so many Filipino immigrant families. During my medical and public health training, I had the opportunity to analyze these health system inefficiencies in Filipino health organizations in LA, San Francisco, and New York, leading groups like UCLA Pilipinos for Community Health and the UCSF Mabuhay Health Center.

When I joined FYLPRO as a delegate in Batch Otso 2019, I saw the magic of what young Filipino Leaders could do when united. My batch rallied together to promote the Filipino Stroke Video we created on the Filipino Channel, a PSA that was viewed by more than 4 million viewers globally during the 2019 holiday season. Since then, I have led CYFAM in partnerships with TayoHelp, the FilAm Health Forum, FASGI in HiFi, and the City of Carson to promote media campaigns and on-site COVID vaccinations and education. It brings me much joy to be on the ground working to promote community health during this pandemic.

In addition to health, I have a special interest in the use of technology to promote public health and medicine, currently working as the leader of teleneurology services for the Los Angeles Department of Health Services. I know that with my fellow board members, we will recruit the best and brightest to create health innovations with our community.

I will develop strong, lasting networks with key US and Philippines stakeholders in health as a FYLPRO Director, working to alleviate suffering from our community’s health problems. It is time that we advocate for ourselves with no shame, no hiya. Too little attention has been given to our community’s disproportionate share of non-communicable disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.) and most recently, mortality to COVID-19 especially among our health care workers. My goal as a FYLPRO Director will be to ensure that FYLPRO makes the greatest positive impact on the health and wellness of our global Filipino community.

Running for Director

Anthony Guevara

ABOUT: An award-winning loan officer in the mortgage banking industry. I serve as the Region 6 Chair for NAFFAA (National Federation of Filipino American Associations); Board of Director for the Philippine- American Chamber of Commerce of South Texas (PACC-TX); Board of Director for the Philippine Kalayaan of Houston (PKH) with the Houston Philippine Consulate; a founding member of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Houston chapter; a founding organizer for the Houston Rockets Filipino Heritage Night; served on the Board of FYLPRO in the past and as Immersion Co-Chair for FYLPRO when going to the Philippines.  

PLATFORM/WHY: I'm interested in being a director for FYLPRO and hopefully leading the Immersion program back in Manila (Covid willing) to help guide and support the E-com, alumni, members, and our partners before and through the immersion plus after. I'm also looking forward to strengthening our current relationships with our current partners and helping build bridges to new opportunities for all parties involved. I also want to help the board in accomplishing the goals they set out for FYLPRO.

As a past delegate, past member of the board, and Immersion Co-chair, I understand how it is as going through the Immersion, and also with my experience of being on the Board and Immersion co-chair I know how to work with the delegates, our current partners such as Ayala Foundation, Department of Foreign Affairs, AmChamb, etc... plus I'm always looking for opportunities to help with FYLPRO's mission.

I bring the experience and history of serving for FYLPRO in different capacities. For example, for the Immersion Program, I was able to help foster and implement new ideas to meet the demands of the new delegates, partners, and members.  I have contributed my personal network to FYLPRO, the immersion program, and have made introductions to help with delegates' legacy projects. Some of the current activities such as Bambike, the Mixer, plus sessions with other Filipino- Americans in the Philippines have been added to the current Immersion program due to my introductions and suggestions.

As a member of the board and hopefully Immersion Co-Chair I also take into account the alumni's personal experiences and see how I can help them through their legacy projects and advocacies.  I consult with different members and see how I can personally contribute to what they are trying to discover and accomplish.

In the future and Covid willing, I hope we can put on "FYLPROCON" in Manila and bring ALL the FYLPRO batches back for a reunion plus avail an opportunity for members and others who want to join in on helping the Philippines and bridging communities.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I would be honored to serve and be on FYLPRO's board and hopefully lead FYLPRO's Immersion Program. I look forward to contributing to the delegates' legacy projects, FYLPRO, our partners, members, and our communities here and in the Philippines.

Running for Director

Jessica Araneta Velasco M.Ed.


ABOUT: Jessica has worked in the non-profit and education sector, collaborating, coaching, developing colleagues, creating programs, and managing numerous programs from local communities to nationwide chapters. Jessica brought her love of learning into the classroom after undergrad. As a special education teacher, she learned not everyone knows the same, and equity must occur across all boards. After coaching and developing educators, Jessica rediscovered her love of highlighting individuality, dismantling the status quo of assimilation, and became a change maker for diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a purpose-driven leader, Jessica can ease complex characters, create inclusive communities, brave and psychologically safe workplaces wherever she brings her talents. Jessica can challenge individuals through her DEI lens to reflect on their past by unlearning micro-aggressions and implicit and unconscious biases. These challenges allow individuals to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, all while attaining a growth mindset. Raised in Miami, Florida, Jessica graduated from Iona College with a bachelors in sociology and received her masters in general and special education from Touro College working at a large charter school network in NYC. Jessica’s inclusive and thought leadership creates a brighter working world for her students, peers, colleagues, and the Fil-Am community.
PLATFORM/WHY: Growing up, it was difficult to see and experience the reflection of who I wanted to become. There was all these titles of career options, that deep down, I knew wasn’t the right fit for me. Though that path can be unclear to this day, when I discovered FYLPRO, it was the first time I was able to see my future. Leadership has always come naturally to me. From the early years of student leadership to my professional career, I have the strong ability to lead from within by showing others their most incredible possibilities. After connecting with Krystle and Leezel, and learning what they are doing to advance our people, I knew this was my time to be a part of this movement. When I am part of the board, we will make FYLPRO the organization that Filipinos and Fil-Ams can look up to and call home. There can be a big disconnect with generations of Filipinos based on life experiences, but it’s up to us to bridge that gap to find unity within. I’d like to utilize this platform to collaborate with Fil-Am leaders in the arts, tech, and other under represented career trajectories. Most importantly, I’d love to support my and my teammates communities to create meaningful programs that will advance their professional career.


Running for Director

Sabrina Alexis D. Sayoc

Portrait of Sabrina Sayoc | | collegian.psu.edu

ABOUT: My name is Sabrina and I'm from Philadelphia, PA! I graduated from Penn State with my BS in Biology and minor in Spanish, and I'm currently pursuing my MBA/MS in Business Analytics through Indiana University. During the day, I work full-time as a Sr. Science & Clinical Recruiter where I'm proud to connect great people to great jobs and to support incredible research and within the life sciences. My cultural identity as a Philippine-American is extremely important to me and I carry it with me in everything I do. Throughout college, I was very active in the intercollegiate Philippine student communities, where I served as a Co-Chair of District 5 of FIND and as an External Representative of MAFA. I also served as my undergraduate university's Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Caucus President, where I represented APIDA voices to our student government. I also served on my company's Inclusion Council and currently serve an our internal Asian Pacific Islander Affinity Group as our Events Committee Co-Chair and on my graduate university's Diversity Council. I'm grateful for this opportunity to continue supporting the Philippine and Philippine-American communities through FYLPRO and to be a voice for marginalized communities.


PLATFORM/WHY: I'm running for our FYLPRO Board of Director's as a sign of my commitment and my promise to serve and empower Philippine leaders all over. I'm running to recognize and honor everyone who has fought for me and struggled for me to have the opportunities I have today. I'm running because I love my culture, my history, and my family and I'll strive for our continued growth and positive impact. I first reached out to FYLPRO two years ago post-graduation after struggling to stay involved within the Philippine communities out of the collegiate space, so when the opportunity to volunteer opened up this year, I was so grateful for this chance to be involved and to support. I knew then that FYLPRO was an incredible and dedicated team, and what I know now is how much of an understatement that is. Through having the chance to support our 9th Anniversary Celebration, our 2021 Mentorship Program, and our first FYLPROCon these past few months, I've already learned so much. I'm inspired by the dedication of our members and by what we can accomplish when we come together. I'm humbled by all the work that occurs behind the scenes, done not for the recognition but to actively and tangibly uplift young Philippine leaders. I'm ready to be part of this continued progress and to put in the work. Moving forward, I'd work to continue growing the bridge to involvement for young Philippine leaders transitioning out of the collegiate space into their professional industries. Similarly, I know FYLPRO can be the team that connects and empowers individuals at all phases of their life, and I would work to continue providing access to resources, connections, and community knowledge. FYLPRO has so many incredible initiatives and member testimonies, and I would work to continue raising awareness and for these efforts to get the recognition they deserve. FYLPRO is truly an amazing organization with an incredibly bright future that I'd love to help make shine. Thank you for this opportunity to be considered as part of your Board of Directors.

Running for Director

Bryan Ramos

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ABOUT: Bryan Ramos has proudly represented Georgia’s working class since 2005 when he founded the Ramos Law Firm. While headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Ramos represents injured workers throughout the state of Georgia. Prior to representing injured workers exclusively, Mr. Ramos served as counsel to many large insurance companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Mr. Ramos is a Fellow of the College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, and he is a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. He is also member of the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution, and he has been recognized as “AV Preeminent Rated” by Martindale Hubbell. Mr. Ramos currently serves on the Georgia Advisory for the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He also sits on the boards of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse; Asians Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta; Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project; FYLPRO, and the National Filipino American Lawyers Association.


As one of the Board of Directors, I plan to further expand the outreach and collaboration with other organizations aimed at elevating the Filipino American community. As a current FYLPRO Board member, I have gained working knowledge of the organization, and I have used my legal expertise to further FYLPRO's mission. If elected to the Board for another year, I plan to continue my financial support of the organization and pledge to work towards increasing the financial avenues available to FYLPRO.

Running for Director
Alvin Adriano
Alvin Adriano, CTA - The Travel Institute


Alvin Adriano, CEO of Travelwise International, a Filipino owned and operated travel agency that specializes in inbound tourism to the Philippines. Devoted to creating visibility through tourism, Alvin is a lead influencer and consultant for the Philippine Department of Tourism. In addition to his work in travel, Alvin also sits on numerous board organizations and volunteer organizations.
PLATFORM/WHY: I believe that inspiring and mentoring future Filipino leaders is important to build our global Filipino community. I believe that the foundation that we lay today will create long lasting opportunities for the future generations. I believe that FYLPRO embodies many similar values that I represent and I would love the opportunity to be a part of its future. During my time as Board Director, I was able to spearhead the Mentorship Program with USAI and create a model program for future partnerships. I would be grateful to be elected to another term to continue my work and build a sustainable mentorship program. I also would like to be part of the recruitment of other Filipino leaders to grow FYLPRO's reach. I believe representation in all industries should be a highlight in the future.

Running for Director

Chachie Abara

ABOUT: Chachie Abara (she/they), A Master's candidate in the Educational Administration program at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. She currently overseas multiple passion projects that advocates for her culture. Her biggest ambition is to run a multimedia company that would inspire many of our young leaders to step up and also to use their creativity to learn from their roots and culture. With her ambitions, she is a podcast host, content creator, creative writer and mental health advocate.

PLATFORM/WHY: Her vision for the Filipino community is to bridge the gap with our next generation Filipino American youth and young professionals.

Running for Director

Annalisa Burgos

ABOUT: I'm a veteran international TV news anchor and reporter, currently working in Hawaii. I have worked in a dozen cities across the United States and Asia, most recently Manila. I lived in the Philippines from 2016-2019 and worked at ABS-CBN and other media outlets so I know the business culture well -- both bad and good. I covered diplomacy and the ambassadors so I invited members of FYLPRO to be on my morning show at the ANC (also The Filipino Channel). I support the mission of FYLPRO in bridging the gap between the US and the Philippines and strengthening the diaspora's relationship with the Philippines. I was born in Los Angeles and have been active in Filipino organizations there, like UCLA's Samahang Pilipino. I also graduated from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and covered the Filipino communities in NYC. I believe in sharing stories of Filipinos and the Filipino diaspora in mainstream media to raise awareness of the achievements of our communities and help promote social justice and access to resources.

PLATFORM/WHY: I believe in the organization's mission to build and support a pipeline of Filipino leaders in all industries that can help the global Filipino community as well as those in the motherland. As a journalist, my goal is to share as many stories as I can to promote the amazing work Filipinos are doing across the globe, both in the media and through our social media channels to increase exposure of our advocacies, events and alumni.

Running for Director

Richard Felicelda

ABOUT: Businessman who owns a clinical laboratory, nursing college, commercial real estate, financing.

PLATFORM/WHY: I would like to inspire our young people and share my experience in building their business. I have started everything from the ground up so I have a lot to share and knowledge in guiding our young minds to achieve what they want for their future.

Running for Director

Louella Rose Cabalona

ABOUT: Louella Rose Cabalona is an IT Professional with over 20 years of experience specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data for various Fortune 500 companies. She is a Sr. Manager of Business Management Platforms for Data and Analytics Solutions at Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois (HCSC). As Product Owner of the DI Platform, she leads in building the frameworks, processes and best practices for adoption of data integration tools such as Talend, Erwin and DataStage across the enterprise. She also manages the modernization and hardening of the Data Lake. Louella is also an accomplished actress who has been in many television shows, commercials, and stage productions performing across Asia; and is the Lead Singer, Producer and Creative Director for Filipino Folk fusion band SamaSama Project. Her multiple careers, including being a writer for Chicago-based Via Times NewsMagazine, intersect at understanding truths through stories founded in data and facts. She claims she fell in love with IT when she realized the power of SQL in telling stories. As President for the nonprofit Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO), Louella leans on her expertise to develop standardized operations, data collection and organizational documentation that help achieve the nonprofit’s strategic goals for sustainability. She also serves as Director for Asian Popup Cinema, the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago (PACCGC), and the Midwest Pilipino American Coalition (MPAC). Of the many hats she wears, however, she finds being mama to her toddler Reign and life-long partner to husband Baron, most fulfilling.

PLATFORM/WHY:There’s a lot of incredible work done by many hands and hearts this year laying a solid foundation for forward-looking decisions and actions that will take our organization to greater heights.

I would like to continue to support incoming President Leezel 100% in a Director capacity and work alongside outstanding Directors who are running for their second term, and perhaps alumni or non alumni who found renewed enthusiasm and inspiration in serving FYLPRO after the work we all did this year.

I look forward to and will work for:

Long-Term Sustainability - as we continue to focus on building capacity, standardizing operations and documentation

Closer Collaboration with existing and new partners on new programs Tayo, FYLPROCon and Mentorship and others

Growth in Membership - who are deeply engaged and aligned with our mission

Deeper Alumni Engagement- with us offering fiscal sponsorship, shared use of SW and tools, clear playbook on services we offer

Progressive changes - that will adapt to the needs of our rapidly growing organization

Running for Director

Mark Calaguas

ABOUT: Mark J. Calaguas is an attorney practicing at the intersection of law and technology, with interdisciplinary experience in non-profit leadership, communications, and public service. As product counsel for Tayo, he provides legal and strategic support for an innovative online help desk delivering vital, culturally tailored information to underserved communities navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark also performs data privacy consulting and management services for startup founders, small businesses, and institutional clients. Mark is the president of the Filipino American Lawyers Association of Chicago, a founding board member and current at-large trustee of the National Filipino American Lawyers Association, and a board member of the Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Chicago Area. Additionally, he sits as a federal appointee on the Illinois State Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and presides as board chair of the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment, a grassroots non-profit that organizes on issues of social, racial, and economic justice. Mark is an alumnus of FYLPRO, the U.S.-Mexico Leaders Initiative, and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s Leadership Advancement Program. Mark holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from Loyola University Chicago.

PLATFORM/WHY:  Like many FYLPRO immersion program participants, I regard my selection for the annual trip to Manila as merely an entry point to a deeper involvement and a fresh new direction in my leadership journey as a Filipino American. Not only have I made several lifelong friends among my 2016 batchmates and the wider alumni network, the passion and commitment of those individuals to this organization’s mission has inspired me to give back even more to my FYLPRO family.

This has been especially true since the spring of 2020, when I first joined the FYLPRO COVID-19 Task Force and have since then served as a core leader of Tayo Help Desk and team member of the soon-to-be launched “MAGPABAKUNA na Tayo” national FilAm vaccination survey. The vast hours spent on these projects have afforded me a host of learning opportunities that have enabled me grow not only as an attorney but also as an informed and engaged advocate in the areas of health equity, information literacy, and community resilience. Indeed, I continue to be amazed at the continued expansion of the Task Force’s work, which now includes partnerships with researchers at institutions like Northwestern University, the University of North Carolina, and Oxford University, as well as two successful cohorts of student fellowships.

As a member of FYLPRO’s board of directors, I hope to take the lessons learned from these recent months and help cultivating similar initiatives across the general organization. The future of FYLPRO lies in cultivating not only the ongoing professional success of our seasoned alumni but also nurturing the pipeline of tomorrow’s leaders at the collegiate level and arguably even earlier. Technology has enabled us to expand our reach in relatively cost effective ways, and even as we prepare to resume our traditional in-person programming soon enough, I believe that virtual content will be a vital element in showcasing the expertise of our alumni and members. Furthermore, as FYLPRO prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary, I look forward to helping execute the strategic plan developed by the previous board, with a particular focus on bolstering our operational infrastructure. Many of the challenges for non-profits at our stage of growth are not unique to us and do not require reinventing the wheel.

When I join the board, I will bring with me almost eight years’ worth of experience co-founding and building out organizations both at the national and local level, not to mention the countless networking connections I have established along the way. While nobody can know for sure what the next few months and years will bring for either the United States or the Philippines, I can’t imagine a better group of leaders to serve with in helping create the future that our kababayan deserve on both sides of the Pacific.

Running for Director

Jay Aquino


Jay Aquino is a social media strategist and business coach helping entrepreneurs grow their business with online marketing.

With 11+ years of experience marketing for local businesses and coaching hundreds of people around the world, Jay has invested years learning the most cutting edge strategies to help entrepreneurs  get more exposure and sales with social media.

How many other social media experts can say they have done digital marketing for companies that were featured on Fox News, Daily News, Food Network, Travel Channel, and The Cooking Channel.

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner that has extensive experience in quality organic lead generation as well as up-to-date social media marketing skills—then look no further.





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Expectations serving on the FYLPRO Board?
As a member of the Board of Directors, you will work with the FYLPRO Executive Committee led by the President in deciding and executing on the overall strategic direction, fiscal health (including Give-Get responsibilities) and future projects of the organization.

Purpose: The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership, governance, establishes policy, oversees the operations and financial performance of FYLPRO's and assesses the Board’s own effectiveness. Our Board Members will serve on several committees, including:

  • Executive
  • Finance & Audit
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Fundraising & Development
  • Governance and Legal (ByLaws and Elections)
  • Program & Events
  • Technology

Term for directors: 1 year, renewable. The Vice President serves as president-elect for 2023.

Expected Commitment from Board Members:

  • Term begins Jan 2021 and have the ability to serve for a minimum of one (1) year and eligible for re-election at the annual general meeting
  • Attend 12 regular meetings and any special meetings that take place each year: plus one in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting
  • Able to commit the time and resources to serve on the Board and one board committee, and represent FYLPRO as requested

Expectations when attending a meeting:

  • Be well informed on issues and agenda items in advance of meetings
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience when appropriate
  • Listen respectfully to other points of view
  • Participate in organizational decision-making
  • Financially support the organization
  • Assume leadership roles in all board activities, including fundraising
  • Represent the organization to the public and private industry
  • Educate yourself about the needs of the people served (general membership)
  • Remain informed about the organization
  • Know the organization’s history, mission and goals

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 10 hours a month
  • Board member individual Give-Get minimum: $1000 (50% in-kind is OK)
  • Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of a Board member
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills
  • Previous non-profit board experience is an asset

Compensation: Board Members work voluntarily without any compensation.

The organization’s guiding principles include:

  • Integrity – Accountability, Preservation of History, Leadership, Pride in Being Filipino
  • Innovation – Data-driven, Creativity
  • Inclusivity – Compassion, Collaboration, Kapwa, Bayanihan

Our core purpose - reasons why we do what we do:

  • Bridge connection between Filipinos and Fil-Am issues
  • Representation in numbers and credibility
  • To discover, design and define the Filipino brand

We aim to:

  • Capture and magnify the voice of the Filipino youth community in the US (ages 40 & under)
  • Preserve the Filipino culture, customs, and values
  • Build empathy towards Filipino community both in the Philippines and the US
  • Maintain grassroots and non-partisan approach of working locally in the fields of: arts/culture, business, design, education, engineering, finance, government, medicine, policy, and technology that will have an impact nationally and globally
  • Continue and strengthen the dialogue with the highest officials and policymakers in the Philippines and US, leaders of industry, media, artists and cultural experts, and entrepreneurs.


Press Release: Leadership sought for 2022 FYLPRO Board of Directors, nominations now open


Who can serve on the FYLPRO Board?
Any individual who has active membership status interested to advance the mission of FYLPRO can serve. "Active membership" are those who have paid their $100 dues. This will be counted towards membership fees if they become Board members.

Who can be a member of FYLPRO?
Any individual who has paid their membership dues and supports FYLPRO's mission can be a member of FYLPRO.

What does "campaign period" mean?
This is a period before the election where candidates can lobby for votes. The committee recommends to target active members, and get creative with your platform and messages.

How are elections conducted via Election Runner?
FYLPRO has used Election Runner in the past elections - an efficient and secure online platform.  It is commonly used for school elections - here's an explainer. Ballots are emailed to voters directly with a unique voter ID.

Who are on the election committee?
Kit Zulueta, Jean Gavina

elections@fylpro.org, (808) 291-9407





Relevant sections in the FYLPRO Bylaws

Section 6.8 Vacancies. The Board shall have power to fill vacancies occurring in the Board of Directors through any cause, until the next Annual Meeting of the Corporation, when such vacancies shall be filled by election for the unexpired term.

Section 6.6 Term of Office. The term of office for the President shall be one year, with the Vice President automatically serving as President after the current President’s term. Elections for Vice President and Board of Directors shall be done annually. Directors shall serve for one (1) year, except for the Secretary and Treasurer who shall serve for 2 years. However, a Director shall remain in office until his or her successor has been elected.

Review full BYLAWS.

To understand the expectations and responsibilities involved from a FYLPRO Board member, (Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience) read the BOARD MANUAL.