FYLPRO Elections 2023

Christal Simanski, 2017
Campaign Statement:

As Vice President of FYLPRO, I would strategically be beneficial to the organization, as I will be based in Manila, Philippines later in 2019. This will allow me to meet with partners, maintain and cultivate new relations, and help oversee our immersion program on the ground. Additionally given my community work in D.C., I already have strong networks with the Philippine Embassy that can be utilized to help sustain and grow the program. I have a successful track record in managing Filipino-American organizations. As the president of the Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, D.C. from 2017 to 2018, I elevated the organization’s presence to a national level, gained recognition in the Philippines, managed a following 2000 members, and helped the organization become a 501(c)3, and found donors to fund our annual conference. Lastly, I truly believe in FYLPRO’s mission and organization goals. Through this organization and the immersion program I have been able re-affirm my desire to help and elevate Filipino-Americans in the United States and in the Philippines. This program has done so many things for me. Most recently through my FYLPRO connections I was the only young Filipino-American professional to attend the Balangiga bells ceremony in Manila last December 2018. It would truly be an honor to serve FYLPRO and the community. Thank you for your support.

Joshua Ang Price, 2018
Campaign Statement:

I would be humbled and honored to serve as FYLPRO’s next Vice President. My vision is for FYLPRO to be internationally-recognized as the definitive program for emerging young Filipino-American leaders. As the owner of my own company, I have a flexible schedule and can readily commit to FYLPRO for the two years required for this position as well as travel to connect with FYLPRO alumni, fundraise, and engage with the Philippine Embassy in DC and regional Philippine Consulates. As a communications professional, I will ensure FYLPRO engages our audiences, stakeholders, and sponsors on a regular basis. I also plan to create more alumni interaction and collaboration between batches as well as more continuing engagement and programming opportunities for FYLPRO alumni, including planning the 2019 FYLPRO Summit and creating partnerships with Ivy League Universities such as the Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell, etc. for FYLPRO alumni to have exclusive access to their leadership certification programs.

Major Char McGinnis, 2018
Campaign Statement:

U.S. Air Force Major Charlynne McGinnis has extensive experience with logistics coordination, especially in regards to international travel. Her military background will bring structure and an eagle eye for detail to the position of Secretary, and her high standards of reporting will also be a huge asset to organizing and cataloging FYLPRO's records.

Melissa Palma, 2018
Campaign Statement:

After returning from the 2018 FYLPRO immersion trip, I am forever grateful to this organization and its partners for deepening my understanding of our shared Filipino heritage. Over the course of my medical career, I have been honored to serve as a delegate and committee member on the governing boards of multiple state medical societies of the American Medical Association. Through my work with the Massachusetts Medical Society and Illinois State Medical Society, I have learned a great deal about organizational leadership, health policy, and community building I was especially heartened by the enthusiasm and expertise from diverse fields represented by the FYLPRO organization. As a physician, we enter a profession rooted in service to benefit society. As a FYLPRO delegate running for the position of treasurer, I consider it our personal and professional duty to advocate for our communities at home and in diaspora. Working as treasurer and engaging alumni in the Chicago area and beyond, I hope to advocate the Filipino community through a position on FYLPRO Board of Directors.

Elections Timeline:

  • Nov. 1: Election Announcements
  • Nov. 13 3pm HST, 9pm EST: Elections Info Session
  • Nov. 30: Deadline to become active members 
  • Dec. 1-15: Campaign period
  • Dec. 1-9: Candidate filing period
  • Dec. 7 - Candidates Town Hall 
  • Dec 16 - 17: Election Dates: Ballots may be cast beginning Dec. 16 at 8 a.m. EST, and shall close on Dec. 17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. via electionrunner.com


  • Dec 18 Appeals and Unofficial Results (internal)
  • Dec 20 Official Announcement



Elections Committee
Kit Z. Furukawa
Leezel Tanglao
JP Ferrer

Email elections@fylpro.org



Click here for the application form

(Closes Dec. 9)


WATCH the Candidates Town Hall held on December 7, 2023:





2-year term, expires Dec 2025. Will serve as President 2026-2027

(names will appear here)







2 year term, expires 2025 (8 slots available)

Lourdes Moldre

San Francisco, CA

I have over 20 years of healthcare leadership experience including operations, strategy, and business development in complex medical systems. Most recently, I was recognized as one of 2022 honoree for 40 under 40 by San Francisco Business Times, given to young leaders across the region. I also received the Healthcare Hero Award in 2021, given by the California State Senator Richard Pan, for my ongoing work with focused Covid-19 education within the Filipinx community. I am an adaptive visionary leader and can effectively and timely execute based on operational needs.

I value mentoring and succession planning to shape the future of the organization. Additionally, I am an outside-the-box and innovative leader who engages in literature for evidence-based practices along with accessing relevant subject matter experts. Furthermore, I am a connector who has a vast network outside of healthcare applicable to running an organization. Lastly, I am also the President-Elect for Philippine Nurses Association of Northern California, and my presidency starts in mid-year of 2024. I am extremely excited to be part of the Executive Board as I know that my leadership skills and resources will benefit FYLPRO as an organization.


Joshua Ang Price

Little Rock, Arkansas

Joshua Ang Price (Batch 7, 2018) currently serves as the Deputy Director of Arkansas United, an immigrant rights advocacy group. Josh served with the federal government for nearly ten years, including senior leadership positions with the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) under a presidential appointee of Barack Obama and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Joshua is also the founding president of the AAPI Democratic Caucus of Arkansas and was recently elected as Secretary of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, the first AAPI to hold a leadership position with a state political party in Arkansas.

Josh is a former two-term Election Commissioner and former candidate for Arkansas Secretary of State, earning 42% of the statewide primary vote. For his work in protecting voting rights, Josh won a 2021 TOFA and was inducted into the Knights of Rizal, the official Order of Chivalry of the Republic of the Philippines in 2022.

When Josh served as 2020 president of FYLPRO, the organization pivoted and raised tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE), food, and toiletries to underserved Filipino communities in the Philippines and the U.S. during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Personal Statement: I believe Filipino culture is the most beautiful culture on earth. I want to serve on the board to support the new FYLPRO leadership, help the organization continue to grow, and empower our Fil-Am and Filipino communities to reach their fullest potential.

Yana Gilbuena-Babu

Oakland, California


Yana Gilbuena, a Philippine-born, critically-acclaimed, ancestrally-taught chef, started SALO Series as a way to educate folks about the history, culture and rich heritage embedded in Filipino cuisine. Their work centers on the decolonization/re-indigenization through food. Their pop-up, the Salo Series, seeks to celebrate the beautiful pre-colonial tradition of eating with one's hands, called Kamayan, and disrupt the western constructs of dining. Their pioneering odyssey of bringing Filipino cuisine and Kamayan to all 50 states in 50 weeks back in 2014, influenced the trajectory of the popularity and awareness of the Filipino Food Movement and inspired them to take this concept globally by extending their tour to Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and their home country, the Philippines.They founded LAMON: a Filipino Food and Wine Festival, as a FYLPRO Legacy project, upcoming in 2024.

campaign statement: Fostering and nurturing connections and collaborations between existing Filipinx-American organizations.

Why: I want to use my voice and platform in order to create impactful and sustainable change within the Filipinx-American Diasporic community on a national level.

My work as a social practitioner within the culinary arts has helped me build a community and following around food as a vehicle for decolonization and re-indigenization.

My goal is to provide a voice for underrepresented and marginalized groups to diversify and expand our understanding and network of Filipinx-Americans and their experience. The more diverse we are as a board team the better the decision makings would be. I propose adopting a mycelium modality mindset, were we create a network of interconnectedness with organizations with the same goal and mission. Collaborating with other Filipinx-American organizations to create more initiatives and events to further our reach and impact.



The Elections Committee has established the following elections schedule and guidelines:

  • FYLPRO General Meeting: October 18, 2023
    Election Committee must be prepared to answer election questions
  • Nov. 1: Election Announcements (Mass email)
    An Announcement promoting an updated fylpro.org/elections page shall be sent via email to FYLPRO’s membership and posted on social media.
  • Elections Info Session: Monday, Nov. 13 3pm HST, 9pm EST
    For candidates with questions
  • Nov. 30: Deadline to become active members
    Anyone who has paid dues or has acquired active membership before Nov. 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST shall be considered “ACTIVE” members of the organization. Only active members can run for office or vote in the upcoming election.
  • Dec. 1-9: Candidate filing period
    Active members are allowed to NOMINATE individuals to run for open positions, provided they have clear consent (written, email/text, or verbal is OK) from the candidate. Nominators will also serve as representatives of the candidate and will answer the questions on behalf of the candidate on the form. (Otherwise, it’s much easier if the candidate fills out the form directly).


The Elections Committee will review the submissions as they come in. If the candidate is qualified and has submitted all the required documents, their name will be published on this page. The form will no longer accept responses on Dec. 9 midnight.

  • Dec. 1-15: Campaign period

The campaign period is governed by the following guidelines:

    • Voters will only have TWO official venues to learn about the candidates - through the official page at fylpro.org/elections, and at the Town Hall meeting. A recording of the Town Hall will also be available on the webpage for those who couldn’t make it.
    • Official FYLPRO social media accounts, including the affiliated Groups on Facebook shall not be used as a campaign venue, therefore campaigning is not allowed from the candidates. Only official elections announcements shall be posted during the period.
    • Candidates are allowed to utilize their own resources, such as personal social media accounts and websites to get creative for their campaign.
    • Candidates must exercise responsible campaign methods, acquire contacts via ethical means, avoid “spam-like” multiple messaging or posting, and must avoid using FYLPRO resources for election purposes.
    • Posting on FYLPRO Alumni FB Group is allowed, but note that the group is limited to alumni only.
    • Candidates may invite voters to ask them questions directly.
    • Candidates who currently own a fylpro.org email address must refrain from using their official email for campaign purposes.
    • No monetary compensation or transactions must occur among the candidates and voters. 
    • All reports on violations shall be reviewed by the Elections Committee. The Committee shall determine the appropriate sanction for any violation or alternative action.


Best practice recommendations:

    • This webpage can include campaign links from the candidates. Take advantage of this to possibly link to a Google slide or online-based presentation that you can update.
    • The Elections Committee allows for “updates” on candidates’ online profile at fylpro.org/elections until December 15. Just email elections@fylpro.org (or Kit directly) for your revisions and we will strive to be timely in updating the page.
    • The Elections Committee shall be referencing fylpro.org/elections in reminder membership emails leading to the Town Hall and dates of elections. 


  • Dec. 7 - Candidates Town Hall 

Date and Time and Zoom link TBA

At the Candidates Town Hall, each candidate, categorized by the position they are running for, will randomly be given an opportunity to address the membership. The exact time shall be determined later and will depend on the number of candidates. Candidates will be able to share their screen to share a presentation. Make it fun and creative!

The Town Hall is not a debate. The Town Hall is an opportunity for the candidates to share their platform.

Questions will be entertained from the audience. Candidates may submit a recorded message if they are unable to attend.


  • Election days: Dec Sat 16 - Sunday 17

Election Runner codes shall be emailed to voters on Dec. 15 as a final reminder. Ballots may be cast beginning Dec. 16 at 8 a.m. EST, and shall close on Dec. 17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. via electionrunner.com

Candidates receiving a majority of the votes shall be declared the winner.



In the event of a tie, the Elections Committee shall convene the involved candidates to discuss and agree on a tie-breaker procedure.

The three options are:

          1. Conduct special elections: This will be similar to a “recount” and the parties will rely on the voters changing their vote for a different outcome.
          2. Board Decision: The current sitting board will have a special meeting closed to the public (executive session) to decide on the result. If a candidate is a member of the board, they will be excused. 
          3. Coin Toss or Draw sticks: If the candidates agree to making a quick and hard decision, the Elections Committee will leave it to fate to decide with a coin toss or draw sticks, or similar.


  • Dec 18 Appeals and Announcement

The Elections Committee shall publish the results of the elections on Election Runner momentarily after the closing to inform the voters of the results. There shall be two days dedicated to appeals or questions from any candidate before an official announcement is sent out via email to the membership, and posted on official social media pages on Dec. 20.

The Elections Committee submits a report to the Board and adjourns.


  • Dec 20 Official Announcement



Expectations serving on the FYLPRO Board?
As a member of the Board of Directors, you will work with the FYLPRO Executive Committee led by the President in deciding and executing on the overall strategic direction, fiscal health (including Give-Get responsibilities) and future projects of the organization.

Purpose: The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership, governance, establishes policy, oversees the operations and financial performance of FYLPRO's and assesses the Board’s own effectiveness. Our Board Members will serve on several committees, including:

  • Executive
  • Finance & Audit
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Fundraising & Development
  • Governance and Legal (ByLaws and Elections)
  • Program & Events
  • Technology

Expectations when attending a meeting:

  • Be well informed on issues and agenda items in advance of meetings
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience when appropriate
  • Listen respectfully to other points of view
  • Participate in organizational decision-making
  • Financially support the organization
  • Assume leadership roles in all board activities, including fundraising
  • Represent the organization to the public and private industry
  • Educate yourself about the needs of the people served (general membership)
  • Remain informed about the organization
  • Know the organization’s history, mission and goals

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 10 hours a month
  • Board member individual Give-Get minimum: $1000 (50% in-kind is OK)
  • Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of a Board member
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills
  • Previous non-profit board experience is an asset

Compensation: Board Members work voluntarily without any compensation.

The organization’s guiding principles include:

  • Integrity – Accountability, Preservation of History, Leadership, Pride in Being Filipino
  • Innovation – Data-driven, Creativity
  • Inclusivity – Compassion, Collaboration, Kapwa, Bayanihan

Our core purpose - reasons why we do what we do:

  • Bridge connection between Filipinos and Fil-Am issues
  • Representation in numbers and credibility
  • To discover, design and define the Filipino brand

We aim to:

  • Capture and magnify the voice of the Filipino youth community in the US (ages 40 & under)
  • Preserve the Filipino culture, customs, and values
  • Build empathy towards Filipino community both in the Philippines and the US
  • Maintain grassroots and non-partisan approach of working locally in the fields of: arts/culture, business, design, education, engineering, finance, government, medicine, policy, and technology that will have an impact nationally and globally
  • Continue and strengthen the dialogue with the highest officials and policymakers in the Philippines and US, leaders of industry, media, artists and cultural experts, and entrepreneurs.


Interested to know what candidates submitted in last year's elections? Visit last year's page.